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Which phrase perk the interest of college students more: “scholarship” or “paid internship?”
With the knowledge that generous grub is the fastest way to your heart besides an incision between the fourth and fifth ribs, the Horizon has taken it upon itself to alert you, our dear reader, to some of the subsidized sustenance offered on campus through Westmont’s various clubs:
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream [Chemistry Club]
What: A chemical concoction you can eat! This ice cream is made fresh by scientists (in training) at each meeting using the power of science (and a little liquid nitrogen). The reporter can vouch for the quality personally.
When: Meets monthly on weekday evenings in Winter. Feel free to contact Nicole Marsh ( for information about the next meeting.
In Their Own Words: “The Chemistry Club integrates our love of science with our love of food. The longstanding tradition is to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen at each meeting. Being scientists, we are open to experimentation: new flavors, new toppings, dairy-free ice cream, and my personal favorite - Dipinn’ Dots. Non-chemists are always welcome. We could always use another set of hands to mix up a batch of ice cream. We could also use volunteers for outreach events at local elementary schools.”
Oreos [Swing Dance Club]
What: Oreos and a Dihydrogen Monoxide chaser! Light refreshments as you dance the night away.
When: Every other Saturday night from 8-10 p.m. in the dance room.
In Their Own Words: “People can participate by coming with a friend, learning new moves, and having some fun! If they don’t have a friend that goes to swing club, they can email either me ( or Blaze Hamann ( and, if all else fails, they can Stalkernet one of us and text us to get the deets.”
Chips and Dip, Cookies [Feminist Society]
What: Social justice tastes better with a sugar! Stop by for chips, dip, cookies, or chocolate and have some deep conversation on the side.
When: Every other Wednesday in Winter 106.
In Their Own Words: “People can check out the Westmont Feminist Society Facebook page for updates or email to get on our mailing list.”
For this article week, we reached out to some of Westmont clubs and have provided a selection above. If you think your club’s sizeable spread should be covered in the future, send a description of your club, purpose, snacks, and meeting times to


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