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Mon séjour en France

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“Est-ce que tu as une bonne semaine?” My French host mother rapidly speaks as I open the old, creaky door of my French home. Strong scents of garlic and herbs whirl around me. Her cooking is always the highlight of my day while in Aix-en-Provence. The dogs bark as I enter, their voices overlapping one another as I slowly push my way through the door. I quickly shush and reassure them it’s the same girl that’s been entering the creaky door for the last two months. I pause for a moment as my brain tries to decipher the French words my host mother just spoke. She stares and the pressure to respond increases. In slow, broken French I hesitantly reply, “Ma semaine est très bon! Et toi?” I gratefully pass this simple French test as the realization of another week nearing its ends hits me. I am already in the second half of my semester here in France. Everything up until now has been a whirlwind of events. Months feel like days, days like moments. I never imagined or even fathomed that I would find myself in such a place as this or even during such a time as this. I constantly have to remind myself that living abroad isn’t just a sparkly daze full of foreign monuments and interesting people, but it is my real and everyday life—a chapter that will forever affect me. As each day passes, buildings and streets that used to be so foreign and unfamiliar are slowly and beautifully turning into a place I call home. Cobblestone streets and cafes have become a place where I see familiar faces and even attempt to practice the miniscule amount of French I know.
It has been a very interesting experience submersing myself into a setting where literally nothing was familiar. Although the school I am attending, IAU, is an American international school in the heart of Aix (pronounced “ex”), the concept of going somewhere unfamiliar was not as daunting to me as not knowing a single person here. Even while I am in a different country and all of us are either juniors or seniors, it’s as if I am experiencing freshman year all over again. Little “get to know you” mixers, the same questions being repeated over and over again, and only hanging out with my roommate in the beginning were some of the things that felt all too familiar.
But just like freshman year, new faces eventually became my friends—except these friends travel with me to places like Amsterdam, London, Portugal, and Paris. I’ve discovered that a special friendship forms when what brings us together is our experience living together in a different country. Little mishaps, like having to travel throughout London with zero hours of sleep because of missed transit, getting lost in Barcelona, or even just collectively trying to understand the people and culture in which we reside all create special stories that we know will last. There is nothing quite like it.


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