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It has been over half a year since anyone last saw college basketball in action, but as of this week, it is back in the same way that it left off. When college basketball ended in early April, it did so in dramatic fashion with Villanova hitting a buzzer-beating, game-winning three pointer against North Carolina to win the 2016 National Championship. Not much has changed, as there have already been some big games with big shots to win those games.

The season started with hours upon hours of straight college basketball action for two consecutive days. Already, ranked opponents, such as #7 Kansas, #2 Kentucky, #22 Creighton, and #3 Villanova have all pulled out big wins against other ranked opponents #1 Duke, #13 Michigan State, #9 Wisconsin, and #15 Purdue respectively. These games have not failed in giving college basketball fans a foretaste of the Madness to come in March 2017.

There are a number of storylines to stay updated on as the season progresses. First would have to do with Duke star shooting guard, Grayson Allen, who is coming off a season that he would like to redeem, but at the same time is struggling with injuries that have already taken him out of two separate games this season. This is a particularly hard blow for the Blue Devils, as they have already lost a game in their first week of play, after having come into the season as the #1 ranked team in the AP Top-25 poll.

Another one of college basketball’s members who is facing a difficult season is UCLA Bruins’ Head Coach, Steve Alford. Alford is coming off a 15-17 season, which is one of the Bruins’ worst in recent years and is only the fourth losing season for a UCLA team since after the John Wooden era. Support for the firing of Coach Alford came to an all-time high this past offseason, even to the extent of a plane flying over the UCLA campus waving a banner that said, “Fire Alford.” This season and the next, however, look promising for the Bruins as they have some of the top recruiting classes in the nation and are expected to do greater things in the NCAA Tournament than they have in nearly a decade.

Other teams to watch for include the Kentucky Wildcats, as well as last year’s tournament finalists, the Villanova Wildcats and the North Carolina Tar Heels, who are doing quite well in the early going of the season.

With all this being said, only time will truly tell what these teams are made of and where their players and coaches will end up. If you have not already, tune in to some college basketball, because this year already seems to be an awesome display of March Madness.


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