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The PHX prepares for a new semester

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As of Tuesday, November 29, the first two-week submission period for the Phoenix is open. The Phoenix (often stylized as “PHX”) is Westmont’s literature, music, and art publication showcasing the work of Westmont students. In the past, the publication has accepted fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and any form of art. This year, the Phoenix is expanding to include film and dance submissions as well, but submissions falling under those two categories must be submitted during the next two-week submission period in January. The writing and art will be published in the form of a book in April, and the music will be published as a CD (the Phoenix is also eyeing an iTunes release in addition to the hard copies). The Phoenix will be distributed free of charge to Westmont students.
In addition to the actual publication, the Phoenix will be hosting the annual PHX Night in Porter Theater in April, which will be open to poets and musicians to perform their original work.
The Phoenix is run by a five-member team: Natalie Jackson is the Design Editor, Tom Hamlin is the Music Editor, Aly Smith is the Art Editor, and leading all of them is the Editor in Chief, Kelly Collins. It is these individuals who are in charge of sorting through the submissions and putting the publication together.
Collins encourages any aspiring writers, authors, or musicians to submit their work, saying, “The Phoenix is a great way to inspire people to write and create works of art, even if they don’t get selected.” The submission process is a blind one to avoid bias, so the editors don’t know who submitted a piece unless they select it for the publication. According to Collins, “You’ve got nothing to lose.”


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