CFB Playoff set

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It has been a long and hard fought season of college football with several ups and downs for many teams and now after a dramatic and intense week of conference championships, the playoffs are set.

The Conference Championship week started out with the Pac-12 Championship between #4 Washington and #8 Colorado. There was no question here as to who was the better team, as Washington handled Colorado, 41-10. This dominant win did not move Washington up in the rankings at all, but did keep them in the top-four, good enough for a playoff berth in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl semifinal.

The #1 ranked and undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide also took care of business in the SEC Championship against #15 Florida, and beating them 54-16. The win closes Alabama’s undefeated regular season and puts them in the discussion of possibly being the greatest college football team ever, as they have dominated week in and week out against many of college football’s best teams. Their win keeps them at #1 and they will face #4 Washington in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl semifinal.

#2 Ohio State did not play in the Big Ten Championship game, as they did not win their division to play against #6 Wisconsin. The Buckeyes moved back one spot to #3, but have remained in the playoffs and will play in the Fiesta Bowl Semifinal. Their status as a team who remained in the top-four for playoff contention is heavily controversial, especially after #7 Penn State beat #6 Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship and beat Ohio State earlier in the year, which was the Buckeyes’ only loss of the season. Penn State finished with a #5 ranking, just missing the opportunity to play in the playoffs, setting the stage for further debate on whether the playoffs should be expanded to six or even eight teams.

The last of the playoff teams is #2 Clemson, who won the ACC Championship against #23 Virginia Tech by a close score of 42-35. They will face #3 Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl Semifinal for a chance to play either #1 Alabama or #4 Washington in the College Football Championship.

The other New Year’s Six Bowls are matched up in the following order: The Orange Bowl between #6 Michigan and #11 Florida State, the Cotton Bowl featuring #8 Wisconsin against #15 Western Michigan, the Rose Bowl between #5 Penn State and #9 USC, who has been undefeated and dominant (even beating playoff contender #4 Washington) since starting its season 1-3; lastly, the Sugar Bowl hosts #7 Oklahoma against #14 Auburn.

The matchups are set. This holiday season promises College Football fans some good football and some exciting matchups to watch.


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