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Donald Trump’s recent executive order banning most immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, putting a 120-day freeze on all refugees, and stopping the entrance of all Syrian refugees has caused a significant controversy and sparked protests at airports across the country.
People have a variety of reasons for decrying the executive order, from the potential adverse economic effects of such a ban to the humanitarian problems of denying entrance to refugees. Many Christians have spoken against the ban as being inherently unbiblical. On top of these criticisms, however, Trump’s executive order actually makes America less safe.
Firstly, the notion that immigrants and refugees are dangerous is false. Multiple studies have shown that immigrants to America actually commit crimes at a lower rate than people born in America do. The difference in crime rates even extends to the children of immigrants.
In fact, a recent study published by the Center for American Progress concluded that sanctuary counties, on average, have lower crime rates than their non-sanctuary counterparts.
Still, some people are worried about issues that go beyond simply crime rates; some worry about the possibility of a refugee committing a terrorist attack. However, this great does not correspond to the actual risks of taking in refugees.
Firstly, refugees already have to go through an incredibly strict screening process. At a teach-in Westmont ont he subject of the refugee crisis, Dr. Don Patterson, speaking from his experience in the U.S. Navy, described the refugee screening process as even more difficult than the process of gaining top secret clearance.
Furthermore, this screening process seems to work: a recent study by the Cato Institute concluded that the likelihood that an American is killed in a terrorist attack carried out by a refugee is an astonishingly small 1 in 3.64 billion per year. For comparison’s sake, the chance that you die by being crushed by a vending machine is 1 in 112 million per year.
Clearly, if stopping terrorism is the main concern this ban does very little. However, this ban not only fails to significantly reduce the threat of a terrorist attack on the United States, but it actually increases such a threat.
ISIS emphasizes the idea that Islam is under threat from the West within their propaganda. This ban leads credence to their twisted message and will increase the number of supporters of ISIS, not just worldwide but within the United States as well.
Of course, many would argue that the ban is not actually a Muslim ban because it one targets certain countries and not specifically Muslims. However, irrespective of the validity of such an argument, the executive order is perceived by many to be a Muslim ban. Those who see the executive order as a Muslim ban would include potential homegrown terrorists, thus increasing the risk of a terrorist attack against the US.
While the idea behind Trump’s executive order is that it makes the US safer, the exact opposite is true. It addresses groups of people that actually pose very little risk, and will increase sympathy for ISIS, thus putting the United States in greater danger of being the target of a terrorist attack.


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