A hard truth

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What do UC Berkeley, Trump’s Inauguration, Dallas, Charlotte, Portland, and Oakland all have in common? They have experienced firsthand the consequences of liberal protesting. This includes physically assaulting the opposition, looting local businesses, torching cars, publicly announced consideration of bombing the White House, and murdering police officers. Not only are these actions highly illegal, they contradict everything these “protestors” claim to represent ideologically.
Progressives take the moral high ground by preaching free speech, absolute tolerance, equal treatment, and opportunity for all. There is one major caveat to this, however. If you do not agree with this agenda, they have the “right” to intimidate you into submission through ad hominem attacks and other vicious acts.
As seen at Berkeley, just the concept of a conservative speaker led to the burning of a generator, trashing the student center, and holding banners saying, “This is war.” The saddest aspect of these riots is that the perpetrators all hide behind hoods and masks because they are cowards, unwilling to be responsible for their un-American behavior.
I personally saw the devastation left in the wake of a “protest” this past summer when five police officers were murdered in my hometown of Dallas by a Black Lives Matter supporter. Two things resulted in the aftermath that truly horrified me. The first was that many media groups made a push to humanize the shooter by naming him, taking quotes from family members, and publishing innocent-looking pictures. They sympathized with a mass murderer simply because he was a tolerant progressive. The second was the uproar from some on the left claiming the shooter was “unnecessarily and cruelly executed” by Dallas police when they detonated a remote bomb nearby. However, the shooter had intentionally cornered himself in a position with clear lines of fire, attempting to assassinate more police officers. If a different course of action had been taken, the damage would have been far worse.
There is nothing praiseworthy or applaudable about these riots. They cause unnecessary destruction in the name of tolerance. It is impossible to ignore this tragic irony. It baffles me that someone can decide the only way to promote free speech and opportunity for all is to riot against a dissenter’s opinion and pressure organizations into rescinding chances for those who challenge political correctness to speak.
It stems from the fact that those who participate in these violent protests are not rational thinkers. They are radical ideologues, brainwashed by academia, the media, or any number of other sources.
The true hypocrisy of the matter is that if conservatives attempted a protest of this nature, they would be called every insult that ends in “ist” possible. Liberal media would have a conniption, with progressive groups calling for the disbanding of the Republican Party.
However, the right side of America’s political spectrum does not need to stoop to this abhorrent level. Why would they? These riots have backfired on the liberals who support them. They have lost the White House, both houses of Congress, and inevitably, the Supreme Court. It appears that the majority of Americans do not approve of un-American ideology.


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