Potter’s Clay holds 40th annual kickoff

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Taylor Boyle and Jeremy Ecklund spoke in the Page MPR last Wednesday night, at an event celebrating the people who signed up for the 40th Annual Potter’s Clay trip, the week-long Spring Break trip to Ensenada, Mexico.
The night began with an introduction of all the core team leaders and the names of the 220 members of Potters Clay. Students were then informed on which group they would be a part of during the trip. These groups each focus on a different mission, including activities such as construction, sports, photography, vacation bible school, praise and worship, medical and dental, or in the kitchen.
In last 20 minutes of the night, students were broken up into their small groups. The core team members of each event described how students should go about writing support letters to raise money for the trip.
Some groups exchanged names and answered ice-breaker questions like, “If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?” Others shared why they signed up for Potter’s Clay and why they choose to be in the group they were placed in.
There was also plans made for the small groups to go out and have lunch, with the intent to get to know one another and build trust before the trip.
The Horizon interviewed several attendees about their previous mission experience.
Kyle Hansen, a sophomore, mentioned how last year he had stayed in Santa Barbara for Spring Break and participated in the Urban Initiative program. During his time there, he engaged locally with issues of poverty and homelessness in Santa Barbara. Now, he is looking to expand his experience beyond the United States.
First-year Sara Anderson, who spent time in Costa Rica last summer, signed up for Potter’s Clay hoping it would be a similar experience. Also, with no plans for Spring Break, a mission trip is something she thought would be more productive.
Kiki Emerson, another freshman, spoke of enjoying her past experience of doing Vacation Bible school when she was younger. That is what drew her interest to sign up for the trip along with a desire to “experience new places.”
Elijah Veluzat, a senior, has experience with Potter’s clay from last year. He loved connecting with the people and moving past the language barrier. He describes how real bonds were created between the people through sports. This year, he is put with the mobile salon team and he looks forward to styling hair and allowing people to look and feel beautiful, to see themselves as the “beautiful creation” that they are.
Potter’s Clay will have another informational meeting on Wednesday, February 15th, where members hope to have more team building as well as discussions on what to expect on the trip to Ensenada, Mexico.


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