A truthful response

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In the words of Kellyanne Conway — Counselor to President Trump — I think last week’s article entitled ‘A hard truth’ had its own “alternative facts.” But where do I begin? I could start at the end where it is claimed that a majority of Americans do not approve of the so-called “un-American” or “liberal” ideology because Donald Trump occupies the White House, even though Hillary Clinton won almost three million more votes than he did. But that’s only one part of my larger point. And that is, the truth is significantly different that the political “right” would care to see.
The claim is made that while progressives take a moral high ground of preaching tolerance, opportunity, and equality — what they actually want is their own agenda. And if you disagree with it, they will supposedly “intimidate” you. They will “burn your campus” if you say the wrong thing, and the “left wing media” will sympathize with the killer of Dallas police officers because he was supposedly associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.
Never mind the scores of progressive Berkeley students that rejected the destructive protests done by people to their campus, never mind the Black Lives Matter movement which immediately distanced itself from those kinds of actions (namely, the killing of people) that they protest against, and never mind all the major media outlets that analyzed and scrutinized the carnage of the “Dallas Sniper Attack.”
No, for some it seems that the facts don’t matter. Why? Because after all, “all those ‘pinkco/commie/liberals’ are out to destroy this country.” And “you’re either with us, or against us.” But the truth is, you can’t have a dissenting opinion with people who generalize in that regard. Or for that matter, a constructive conversation.
Well, I say rubbish. Some people are cleverly trying to associate any form of progressivism or liberal ideology with extremists. If you listen to the “the mainstream media,” or “academia,” you’re accused of being brainwashed.
Well then, who can I trust? I see that Fox News is the liberal-haters trusted source. What’s this? Fox is the ONLY one I can trust? Well, what if I don’t want to be indoctrinated by just one source? In that case, I guess I’m out of the “accepted” circle. So much for tolerance.
See, conversation has to be a two way street. Dialogue cannot involve name calling, yelling, gross-exaggerations, or clever insinuations.
Not all liberals would burn stuff on your campus. In fact, most liberals don’t even know how to use natural elements like fire, seeing as they’re too busy sipping flat-whites at urban espresso bars. But even if some liberals do hypocritical things, it does not invalidate an argument. And by the way, why are things like “tolerance, equal treatment, and opportunity for all” described as ‘liberal’ things? These are American things. And moreover, they’re Christian too.
I submit that above all, we’re called to love one another and treat everyone with dignity. We can all agree that it’s wrong when we yell at and break relationship with someone because they cast their vote for the “wrong person,” and it’s wrong when violence and intimidation is a response to something we don’t like. Everyone should be able to agree on that.
But it’s also wrong to negatively generalize people and create monoliths. That’s what a truthful ideology is all about.


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