In defense of pineapple on pizza

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Outrage flowed this week as Iceland’s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson publicly denounced the use of pineapple as a pizza topping. How Jóhannesson came to such a conclusion is quite a mystery, as pineapple is undeniably the best pizza topping, and certainly worth defending in an article.
To be fair to Jóhannesson, he admits that he “like[s] pineapples, just not on pizza.” If pineapple alone is used as a pizza topping, then Jóhannesson might have a point. However, when the sweetness of the pineapple is combined with the saltiness of Canadian bacon – as in the Hawaiian pizza – there is no denying the perfectly complementary nature of the flavors.
The harmony of such tastes is certainly recognized in other forms, such as the ever-popular pineapple glazed ham; there should be no reason that the addition of hot cheese, tomato sauce, and fluffy pizza dough should detract from the gloriousness of this blend.
It is worth noting that Jóhannesson has proposed an alternative in the same statement: “For pizzas, I recommend seafood.” This statement is rather vague, and certainly opens the door to a wide plethora of delightful toppings, such as crab and shrimp.
However, it is possible that Jóhannesson is endorsing the use of anchovies – a notoriously overwhelming flavor packaged in a deceptively small fish. The notion that a highly educated man such as Jóhannesson could hold such a ludicrous opinion – favoring the infamous anchovy over the internationally beloved pineapple – is an absurdity which could only arise in discussions of something as subjective as personal taste.
As a final note, it is reassuring to see that such a controversial statement could provoke such widespread response on an international level. Despite the surprising intensity of the social media backlash, I am sure that the citizens of Iceland draw a sense of satisfaction from the knowledge that this is the most outrageous thing that their president has said.


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