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Can’t Help Falling in Love... With these Valentine’s Day movies

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The mere mention of “Valentine’s Day” can strike fear into even the bravest of hearts. For those in committed relationships, the holiday can feel frighteningly like a dreaded obligation to prove one’s devotion, and for the perpetually single or the recently heartbroken, the whole ordeal can be downright painful. On the other hand, some couples genuinely enjoy having a day set aside to celebrate their relationship, while still others could really not care less one way or another.
Negative or ambivalent feelings aside, Valentine’s Day can serve as an excellent excuse to hang out with that significant other or some favorite people and enjoy a movie together. The list of romantic films stretches on overwhelmingly, so here is a helpful guide to navigate from the comedic to the classic and the sappy to the satirical. Happy watching!


Who needs a boyfriend when you can eat chocolate and re-watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants surrounded by your closest gal pals? The perfect “chick flick” relies upon a combination of heartstring-tugging, old-fashioned romance, humorous moments, and a strong female lead, preferably with a fair amount of eye candy to collectively swoon over.
Go-to’s include 90’s rom-coms While You Were Sleeping, which stars an adorable young Sandra Bullock, and You’ve Got Mail, in which Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall in love over a laughably outdated version of the internet. A little more recent, Two Weeks Notice and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days see delightfully independent career-driven females (played by Sandra Bullock and Kate Hudson respectively) winning a player’s heart.


For those who tend to prioritize humor over soulful romance, check out Date Night, starring comedic royalty Steve Carrell and Tina Fey in a film about a middle-aged couple whose attempt to rekindle their marriage leads to mistaken identity and outrageous adventure. The crude, but hilarious Bridesmaids also promises to entertain with an all-out war between the members of the bridal party.
Comedic films can be good choices for big groups of friends with a variety of tastes, as they include elements of romance and over-the-top drama along with plenty of laughter!

Super Sappy

For those who dream of fairytale romance, who find comfort in clichés, and just want to watch something that makes them believe in true love and happy endings, one can never go wrong with Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 version with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen especially), a classic story of hatred turned to love. The Notebook also celebrates a first love that lasts throughout the ages (and features Ryan Gosling’s and Rachel McAdams’ iconic kiss in the rain). Believe in soulmates? Try Serendipity or Sleepless in Seattle, where destiny brings two people together.

First Date

If, by chance, Valentine’s Day is the right moment to ask out that one special person from the DC, then try and find something fast-paced enough to not be boring, but not cheesy to the point of being uncomfortable. For example, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World or (500) Days of Summer which, as an added bonus, are interesting and thought-provoking enough to spark a discussion that could carry you through an awkward silence or two if need be.

Committed Relationships

For those in a serious relationship, or relationships that have lasted for a while now, go for a black and white, Audrey Hepburn classic like Roman Holiday, or a more recent film About Time, which tells the story of a man who uses his ability to travel through time to find love.

In Theaters

If the ideal Valentine’s Day includes time spent out on the town, then catch the award-winning La La Land’s tale of following your dreams and finding love, or The Space Between Us in which a boy born on Mars meets a girl from Earth at the local theatre.

All By Myself

And finally, here’s to the single pringle just trying to make it through yet another Valentine’s Day alone. If looking to not mope, watch an empowering story of self-discovery such as Eat, Pray, Love. Or just give in to the dark side and watch a woman scorned exact her terrifying revenge in Fatal Attraction.


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