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Black Student Union Fashion Show

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Westmont’s Black Student Union hosted a fashion show this past weekend in honor of Black History month to embrace black culture. The fashion show took place in Page Hall with displays of black fashion trends from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. BSU also showcased fashion trends from West, Central, and East Africa.
Mimi Mukasa, member of the Black Student Union, kicked off the show with an exciting poem. The energy continued with upbeat, iconic music from each of the decades and dance moves from the models as they strutted down the catwalk.
The BSU members started out with the 1970s. During the ‘70s, the black community went through a sense of empowerment due to the Black Panther Movement. The Black Panthers, organized in the late 1960s, gave the ’70s a place to start helping minority groups defend themselves against the government and spreading revolutionary socialism.
BSU members came down the catwalk sporting heavy amounts of denim and bulk jewelry, clothing that gave the decade flare and showcased character and revolutionary aspects. The collection also sported vibrant colors and patterns, paying homage to the brightness that filled the ’70s streets everywhere for both men and women. Each BSU model tied their outfit together with the wide and rounded sunglasses that were a popular accessory to sport.
Moving into the 1980s, the collection ushered in the era that established the popular shoe brand Jordans and everyone listened to hip-hop. During the ’80s, style went out the window. The bulky jewelry and the denim stayed, but the color schemes were right-down embarrassing.
Fortunately, the BSU models were able to salvage what little color was still around by sporting tops that were lightly tie-dyed. During the ’80s, the trends of baggy clothing and track suits with hats came into play, a trend the BSU models portrayed quite well despite the heavily stereotyped fashion.
Then came the 1990s to early 2000s, an impressionable age from cult-iconic shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Disney Channel shows such as Kim Possible and That’s So Raven.
This decade also saw a resurgence of Jordans , when every closet held a pair. The BSU models danced down the catwalk with darker clothing and light touches of denim. The baggy clothing was still a trend that carried over from the 1980s, though more creativity came about. Overalls became a new trend as well as the wearing of clothing with stripe patterns. Jerseys and hats were also included.
The BSU ended the fashion show on a good note with clothing inspired from West Central and East Africa. The clothing differed greatly compared to the American trends; they were more form fitting, but still flowy for mobility. Vibrant colors, patterns, and textiles were common and the women modeled head dress wear that covered some or all of their hair.
At the end of the show, all the members, models still dressed in attire, and backstage crew came onto the catwalk together and danced, sending the audience into an applauding motion and congratulations of a wonderful display.


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