Ryancare’s defeat good for conservatives

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While Donald Trump ran under the Republican Party ticket, numerous conservatives had serious concerns about him. Many of those voters were not so concerned with his personality, but more with his actual policies.
President Trump is not a traditional conservative, but rather a populist and nationalist who has some overlap with the conservative movement. His mixed agenda in the current antagonistic political environment will make it difficult to gain support from his own party, even on the critical issue of health care.
As Trump’s administration tries to execute its plans during the next four years, it will be a difficult road for them to unify the deeply fractured Republican Party and gain support. Contrary to most conservatives, Trump is a fan of government expenditures. Yet, most conservatives believe that creating massive government expansion while simultaneously cutting taxes will blow out the deficit and further exacerbate the debt. Similarly, getting the Republicans to agree with Trump on a replacement health care bill will be a significant challenge.
Repeal of Obamacare was a major factor leading voters to elect Donald Trump and other Republicans, yet the first proposal advocated by Paul Ryan was a major debacle. Ryan and proponents of this bill praised its efficacy, maintaining that it was the only viable option for repealing and replacing Obamacare.
Republicans rightfully resisted the new bill, which in essence retained the government mandate, forcing people to buy health care. Additionally, this bill kept people with pre-existing conditions covered by insurance. These two aspects were the two biggest problems with Obamacare that conservatives despised.
A third option is available, and Republicans in both houses of Congress pushed back on Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s original bill. The refusal of this bill needs to be followed by a bill that will actually maximize health care quality, while simultaneously making it accessible to as many people possible. Such a bill would first eliminate the individual mandate, which would allow for freedom of medical choice giving the individual more autonomy for personal preference.
Conservatives should continue to advocate for insurance companies to compete across state lines, driving down cost through competition. Lastly, and most importantly, insurance companies must be allowed the flexibility to deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions, so the insurance companies can actually function and not be strangled financially with an impossible burden to bear.
Ultimately, health care is a commodity, comprised of goods and services. Like any other commodity, there will always be a shortage of it; economic incentives need to be put in place to make healthcare more accessible. The bottom line is that increasing competition and providing a profit incentive in the healthcare market increases supply and lowers cost. Restoring these principles back into the health care system will truly make healthcare great again, creating a better and more affordable health care system. The failed bill did not succeed in these goals, and an alternative needs to be drafted and passed quickly. The American people are depending on it.


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