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Artist of the Week: Beau Brown - From Ceramics to Graphic Design

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Pursuing his Fine Arts major, Beau Brown is an artist with a passion for graphic design, photography, and ceramics. He discovered his enthusiasm for the arts in his youth, and continued creating art as he aged. Growing up, he was taught “to work hard and efficiently and make things the right way, and I like to think that’s evident in my art.” He’s primarily inspired by functionality and craftsmanship, and he “takes pleasure in designing an object that is made well and works the way it should.”
“I think that art is all around us,” he says, “but there are different categories of what art is, and definitely what good art is.” He also says that he doesn’t necessarily believe that he’s a “fine artist,” rather, his art “isn’t usually just for pure aesthetic but also for use and function.” He discovered that creating artwork is what he wants to do, because he truly enjoys it. When asked what he hopes to accomplish through his work, he simply states, “[it] goes back to what I’m passionate about I guess. I hope to make killer objects that bring people joy through their functionality and thoughtful design.”
Beau currently has a plethora of running projects, including his daily graphic design illustration project that can be seen on both his personal website,, and his instagram, @mtvthebeau. “Apart from my illustrations,” he reveals, “I’m also working on some large paintings in the same graphic style as my illustrations.”
On April 20th, Beau and his friend Sean Collier will be displaying 35mm film photography from a recent camping trip in the Tonto National Forest and Sonoran Desert. He also has photos being shown in the upcoming Phoenix. Looking to his future in the art industry, he first seeks to become a freelance designer and traveling for a while before settling into a job, but seeing where the wind blows.


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