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Westmont Student Alumni Association: Upcoming events

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To students and soon-to-be-alumni, life after college can be an intimidating concept. What do you do with yourself after you’ve spent most of your life in school? Most of us are looking for jobs and connections, but all of us are at least looking some advice on life past our final spring semester.
If this is you (or might be in, say, the next three years or so?) then perhaps Westmont Student Alumni Association is something you may find interesting.
As the Current Students and Young Alumni Coordinator, Sergio Hernandez does a lot of work connecting us current students to our fellow Warriors who have long since walked across the threshold of the graduation stage. “Our organization is only finishing our second year, but our focus is really to help our students grow personally and professionally through these connections with our alumni,” said Hernandez, “We want to get students thinking about their life after college.”
Once (occasionally twice) per month, the Student Alumni Association brings in an alumni to talk to current students about their experience at and after Westmont. Coined as “Pizza and Professionals,” you can guess what else is brought to the table at these informative gatherings. “Pizza and Professionals has been a really fun way for our students to learn a lot of skills that they may not have picked in the classroom, as well as make some early connections before they get out the gate,” Hernandez added. One notable alumni recently featured at these meetings was Chach Hernandez, the current Brand Identity Manager for Castle Coffee Roasters (a familiar brand for those of us who frequent any of the French Press’s venues).
In the near future, the WSAA will be taking a trip north to San Francisco to meet with Westmont alumni from Adobe Systems, Google, Fox, Salesforce, and several entrepreneurial outlets and startups.
“The majority of alums are just really pumped to give back to the students because they often feel like they never got the opportunity to really connect to an Alumni when they were a student,” Hernandez said, regarding alumni perspectives on outreach, “They love getting to share their experiences with you – 90% of the time they want to give back in one way or another.”
Another opportunity facilitated by the WSAA is the TASTE Program. The TASTE program offers students the chance to have an off campus lunch with an alumni and gain some first-hand knowledge. It’s an effective way to help students organically connect with alumni, build bridges, and figure out what their path in the near future may look like.
Lastly, they host an annual event near the end of every academic year – the “Student & Alumni Networking Mixer.” No speakers, no forums, just a host of Westmont students and alumni making connections and sharing life experience.
This year, the event will be held Thursday, April 20th at the Impact Hub on State Street, and it’s open to all.


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