The Left's "war on science"

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The picture often painted by the Left about conservatives is one of truth-denying, Bible-thumping, religious advocates who refuse to embrace science. However, in modern politics, deniers of science are coming from the Left;. Just as zealous and dogmatic as they hold those on the Right to be, they are willingly blinding themselves to scientific realities in order to embrace their desired utopia. This summer, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein wrote a piece in the Leftist website,, entitled, “Stop Equating ‘Science’ With Truth.” Throughout the piece, she argues that scientific conclusions have been largely driven by the biases of an oppressive, patriarchal, and racist system, and have therefore produced pseudoscience that should be discarded. This type of ideology manifests itself in politics in multiple areas, particularly the topics of climate change, transgenderism, and body positivity.
Climate change, previously referred to as global warming, is currently the dominant science-related political issue. The Left has framed the Right as ignorant deniers of reality, and have blamed the cause of temperature changes on the recent burning of fossil fuels. The Left has created a doomsday scenario and called for sweeping regulations which would drastically impact businesses and derail the economy, supporting their anti-big business ideology. However, the truth is quite different. Those on the Right generally do not dispute that the climate is changing. The fact is that although human activity contributes to global warming, there is no consensus whatsoever as to the degree it is affecting the warming of the planet. Furthermore, the Left has no alternative energy source from fossil fuels that sustain the earth’s population. Solar and electric energy provide an incredibly small portion of energy consumption and are painfully inefficient. The facts and issues are clearly addressed in a number of PragerU videos, including “Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?” by Richard Lindzen and “What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change” by Patrick Moore. The Right wants to examine the facts and make appropriate responses, if any, not ignore and twist facts to support an agenda.
In regard to transgenderism, the Left ignores biological facts to support its goal of sexual inclusion. The Left acts as if men can fully become women, and women can fully become men. Accordingly, they disparage anyone who disagrees as propping up fake science to manifest their transphobia. They conveniently ignore the biological fact that chromosomes determine sex and cannot be changed. Much more importantly, ignoring this fact leads them to dismiss psychological studies that conclude that sex-change operations often do not help the psychological health of the person, and often even lead to greater psychological struggles.
Additionally, the Left enthusiastically embraces the movement of body positivity. This movement is predicated on the notion that all body types are to be encouraged and celebrated, and that acknowledging someone as over-weight is “fat shaming.” Of course, it is true that nobody should be ridiculed for their weight and that there are different types of healthy bodies, but obesity is still a serious medical condition. Ignoring this biological burden of being overweight can cause multiple health issues such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes, and many other harmful conditions. Blinding themselves from scientific truths, members of the Left end up hurting the people they seek to embolden.
All of these instances, and many more, reveal how the Left’s emotions and devotion to its dogma are shielding themselves from truth. The Left has swapped the religion of a god for the religion of Leftism, and a willfully blind one at that.


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