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Food critic searches for authentic flavors: Mony’s Mexican Food Taqueria

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Upon entering the quaint taqueria, there’s already a line to order. Their menu is self-explanatory, clearly stating the options available, and allowing the customer to choose the type of meat--or meats, depending on the order--they want. Mony’s offers tacos, quesadillas, burritos, tortas, and entrées. Each entrée is accompanied by a side of Mexican rice and beans.
Seating is a bit tricky in the tight space. However, there is the option of outdoor seating that hugs the front of the building, though it is is also limited. Yet due to the quickness of the service, customers are able to come and go, allowing others to sit and enjoy their meals. Even if there is a wait for a table, the food doesn’t arrive until your party is seated.

Tables, salsa stand, and environment are properly cleared. Once one customer leaves, the used diningware is cleared right away. The salsa stand--also stocked with salt, pepper, disposable silverware, extra napkins, and small to-go containers--is tidy without splatters, and each salsa is labeled for the customer. Presentation of the food is done with precision and delivered to your table. The use of porcelain plates and proper silverware gives a professional feel, giving Mony’s a sense of pride in what they do.

The tacos are moderately priced for the size that they are. Taco tortillas can be a desired choice of either corn, flour, or hard shell. Mony’s offers a variety of fifteen different meats. The carnitas were plain and lacking flavor, and tasted a little dry. However, with an onion and cilantro topping blend, some flavor was restored. The asada tacos were a little bit juicier than the carnitas and not chewy from extra fat or nerves.
Their burritos are jam-packed with ingredients. Inside is a layering of beans, rice, crema, lettuce, onion, cheese, cilantro, and a choice of meat. Roughly the same size as Pascual’s breakfast burritos, Mony’s burritos are filling, to the point that some people might be satisfied with only half of the burrito.

The Enchiladas de Mole entrée was also overloaded with food. The plate is served with three enchiladas with the option of either chicken or cheese, drenched in mole, and topped with lettuce, crema, and pico de gallo. Rice and beans are also included with the meal. The mole was creamy and thick, mixing well in flavoring the food. This dish is also filling, depending on the person, and can even work as leftovers.

A variety of eight salsas caters to any person. The avocado salsa is a favorite. It is composed of three main ingredients: avocado, crema, and cilantro for extra taste. The roasted tomato salsa was a delicacy. It was not too spicy, but was jam-packed with flavor.

Their mango salsa has a fresh taste and is targeted more towards those who enjoy sweet and mild spice. The roja salsa had very little taste to it, and very little spice to make up for it. Mony’s habanero salsa is a must for the spice lovers. The creamy texture is enjoyable at first, until the spice kicks in seconds later, burning the inside of your mouth, yet leaving you wanting more.

Mony’s Mexican Food Taqueria is an overall enjoyable experience for authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price in Downtown Santa Barbara. It’s a must-visit for those who need to satisfy their Mexican craving.


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