Trump versus Colbert

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In the modern political landscape, so much of what people think of a candidate is affected by the attitude and personality the politician brings. The country is deeply divided, and there is a culture war in America. This divide of traditions and values manifests itself in many ways; Trump rallies, twitter posts, social media, award ceremonies, and many other mediums provide platforms for this key battle in the United States.
Andrew Breitbart was a prominent and influential figure in American politics who started the website Aside from attacking the leftist bias in the media, a cornerstone of Breitbart’s crusade was the culture of the country. Breitbart was fond of saying “politics is downstream from culture,” and that is especially true today.
The perfect example of this was on full display at the Emmys. Stephen Colbert was the host, and he spent the night bashing Donald Trump repeatedly. Instead of having a comedy routine, or focusing on the awards actually being given, it seemed like the essence of the monologue was Trump. Additionally, when Donald Glover won his award, he stated “I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppressed list.” To add to the sentiment, Issa Rae stated, “I’m rooting for everybody black.” The award show was filled with identity politics, rants about Trump, and liberal talking points.
The other award shows recently have not been devoid of this type of rhetoric. Whether it was at the Grammys, the Oscars, or other Hollywood events, the Left was eager to bash Trump and conservatives for their outdated and bigoted beliefs. Hollywood is frustrated at many in the country for not being as progressive as they desire, and the middle of the country is tired of being lectured by the Left in Hollywood for being outdated and intolerant.
Trump essentially is a living, breathing middle finger to the Left and Hollywood. When Trump holds rallies and makes fun of the press and Hollywood, he is the embodiment of the other half of the country. Conservatives and the people who live in so called “flyover states” were so sick of being lectured by the coastal elites that they found an orange-faced Archie Bunker to do their bidding.
The tweets Trump sends out are loved by the right and hated by the left. Whether he is tweeting videos of himself body-slamming CNN or hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton and knocking her over, he is trolling the left into insanity. Or when he teased Elizabeth Warren by calling her “Pocahontas” because she lied about being a Native American to get into Harvard, he is continuing the fight. He is the manifestation of conservative Americans biting back at the Left.
This culture war we are engulfed in is certainly entertaining at times. Although I find many problems with Trump, his tweets and comments really make me laugh. Likewise, some jokes about Trump can be hysterical as well. However, this is not healthy for the country.
If we actually want a better America, we have to tackle substantial policy issues. The battle of culture is not to be ignored and is a serious divide, but we cannot start rooting for politicians like fans of a sports team. Principles and ideas are paramount to success, and voters cannot excuse their candidate’s mistakes simply because they support them. We cannot conflate fighting the war of culture with blindly backing “our guy.” If we continue doing this, we will rapidly devolve into partisan hacks.


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