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Artist of the Week: Chelsea Roberts

Views 40 | Time to read: 3 minutes | Uploaded: 10 - 4 - 2017 | By: Tanner Roberts

A senior from Danville, California, Chelsea’s fascination with visual art began at a young age. “Even in preschool,” she says, “I would race to the easels, get paint all over my hands, and make giant butterflies.” Her passion has carried her through to Westmont, where she is currently in the last year of her art major.

“I’ve always loved art,” she says excitedly, “because it can take you so many places. It gives you a window into any part of life that you want to trace. There’s no limit. You can make these ideas and theories and possibilities into realities.”
Much of Chelsea’s art revolves around exactly this: taking fantasy and making it real. “I love surreal and whimsical concepts,” she laughs. “I love this idea of ocean life that swims in the air. Or ideas like a kid riding a dinosaur. Anything weird and strange.” Combined with her hyper-realistic style, this gives much of her art a sense of imagination made real.

When asked what her favorite piece was, Chelsea gives an indignant look and an outraged “Dude!” She laughs and says, “I can’t pick between my children like that.” Her current work revolves mostly around preparation for her senior project. “I’m drawing as much as I can to focus down,” she explains, “like stars, whales, portraits, et cetera.” She also expressed enthusiasm for Tiny Tuesdays, a series of 3”x3” paintings on her Instagram, @chelupaz. “It’s a lot of fun to work in such a small space,” she laughs. “I have so many inspirations,” she exclaims excitedly. “‘Other Westmont art majors, a lot of impressionists, professors, the artistic side of the internet. Fantasia 2000.” Chelsea also welcomes commissions from fellow students, through requests sent via email or Instagram.

Looking forward, Chelsea wants to take her art into a professional capacity. She mentioned the possibility of doing concept art for a company, or work as an illustrator in her own studio. She also wishes to bring some form of environmental awareness to the world through her art. Chelsea explains that her favorite place is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. “It really started my love for the ocean,” she says. “There’s these giant tanks of fish and sardines and tuna and hammerheads, and it’s as close as you can get to being underwater without a scuba tank.” Relating this passion to her art, she says “I’m not a politician or a biologist, so I want to use art to make people aware of the big blue out there. We won’t survive without the ocean.”

When asked about any advice she has for others that wish to follow her, she says, “Artists put their heart and soul into art. People second-guess you. You second-guess yourself, and your importance and value. But art lets us remember and experience. Humans get to do so much more than just survive, and art is a way of making life mean something.”


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