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Artist of the Week: Makayla Monahan

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A senior Art major from Long Beach, Makayla Monahan has loved the feeling and idea of creating art since she was a toddler. Monahan fully discovered her passion was to study art after the first day of a drawing class she took her freshman year. When she realized that art was what she was meant to do, she was ecstatic. “I wanted to call my mom and roll around on the ground and tell her ‘This is what I’m meant to do!’ just because it felt right,” Monahan laughed.

Passion is of high importance to Monahan. During her time studying abroad in Italy this past spring with Gordon College, she discovered to a greater extent that art was her passion. Working with art on a daily basis and meeting with an equally passionate professor, she received roughly up to fifteen or sixteen affirmations that art was simply meant for her. “If I’m not passionate about it, I don’t do it,” says Monahan. She hopes that, like her professor, she can spend her time here on earth doing the thing she loves the most.

Art wasn’t the only thing that Monahan learned in Italy. She also adapted a new way of life, doing everything day by day. “You can go on a walk for three hours and not worry about when you’re going to come back,” says Monahan of her time in Italy. She gained a new understanding of what it means to be a part of a community by investing in other people. The opportunity to see in real life several of the famous pieces of art that had learned about for over nine years was mind-boggling to Monahan.

Monahan also mentions the ups and downs that come with being an artist. She is currently in the process of brainstorming ideas for her Senior Project. Thus far, she had submitted work for her Sophomore Project, does commissions on the side for her friends in the form of character sketches or ink pieces, and is currently the Art Editor for the Phoenix, Westmont’s literary magazine.

As an art major, Monahan has often received comments along the lines of “have fun couch-surfing” in response to telling others her intended area of study. “There’s this attitude towards art that it’s almost like an non-necessity, and an under-appreciation for sure. It’s hard,” Monahan confesses, “But there’s so many times when I tell other fellow art majors that this is something that they’re meant to do, don’t lose hope; this is something important and worthwhile.” Monahan does not let the negative responses of others to deter her from continuing to pursue art. “It’s really fun proving people wrong,” Monahan commented jokingly.

With “about twelve” different paths Monahan could take after graduation, she’s not entirely sure which direction to go. “I’m just listening to God and where he points,” she stated. One possibility might be to head to Colorado since most of her family has moved out that way. “I’ll miss the beach, but I can learn to love the mountains,” she says. Monahan thanks her family and friends for their support and encouragement to do what she loves.


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