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Getting off the hill The Horizon’s guide to Santa Barbara

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Come For: Artisan-made goods crossed with the mobility of food truck
Location: 127 West Canon Perdido Suite C, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or roaming on State

Students can find goods from this refreshing boutique online, at their local store, and on wheels. Stabiles specializes in artisan goods such as home decor, gifts, plant design, and many more. Found on the idea that “an Artisan is an Artisan no matter where they reside,” Stabiles sells work from their local studio sourced from artists as far flung as New York, Texas, Oregon, and Japan. Their store also holds DIY classes to help visitors craft their own creations. Their mobile version of the store pops up around Santa Barbara six days of the week. To find a detailed time schedule of where to get a glimpse of this cute boutique on wheels, visit their website:

Santa Barbara
Roasting Co.
Come For: a fresh cup of coffee, a wide variety of roasts
Location: 321 Motor Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

In 1989, Santa Barbara Roasting Company joined the SB community with their fresh, roasted coffee. Known by locals as “RoCo,” the company has been offering the great customer service and coffee to wholesale clients throughout California. Everyone wants a taste of their delicious coffee; they count restaurants, hotels, even other coffee shops among their clientele. They slow roast each batch of coffee in a small quantity, air-cooled, and non-water-quenched method to highlight more of the coffee’s flavor and to minimize bitterness. With so many different coffee variations- blended, single origins, flavored, decaf, and natural grown- Santa Barbara Roasting Company wants you become an ameuter taste-tester and see for yourself the deliciousness their coffee provides.

Backyard Bowls
Come For: a healthy fast meal, Santa Barbara’s first acai bowl
Location: 331 Motor Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

This Westmont student favorite offers Acai bowls, hot porridge, smoothies and more. These bowls are all made from fresh ingredients, perfect for health nuts. This way of enjoying fruit, veggies, seeds, and grains is encouraging health throughout the community. Claiming to have brought the acai bowl to Santa Barbara, Backyard Bowls has served Westmont students as a popular off campus meal or indie destination. Their menu offers a healthy fast meal option that gives the customer a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that their decision for breakfast or lunch was the healthier option.


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