News Briefs Issue 13

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Last Friday, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich signed a law granting amnesty to protesters seized during mass unrest, as well as repealing anti protest legislation, according to Reuters. Although intended to ease the ongoing political unrest, many protesters rejected the move due to its conditionality on occupied buildings being cleared of activists. At least six people have been killed and hundreds more injured in street battles between anti-government demonstrators and police. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry plans to meet opposition leaders at a security conference in Munich on Friday, Feb 7.

New York, New York

Two men in New York allegedly printed and sold fake tickets to the NFL’s most popular games this season, says CNN. The high quality forgeries included the NFL logo and barcode on them, but the printing was washed-out and not aligned properly. Damon Daniels and Eugene Fladger were the subjects of an undercover investigation in December. Along with the fraudulent tickets, they also produced fake parking passes for the Super Bowl. The sale of counterfeit tickets and parking passes generated around $10,000. Police recovered a printer, computer, and the same grade of photo paper used to make the real tickets at the home of Daniels’ girlfriend.


The Swiss government has suspended its trade ban on precious metals with Iran, according to the Washington Post. The decision follows a deal made by five members of the U.N. Security Council, which required Iran to restrict uranium enrichment and improve transparency in exchange for lifting some sanctions. In addition to lifting sanctions, the Swiss Federal Council, including the president and six other ministers, is relaxing the mandatory reporting on transportation and insurance associated with sales of Iranian petroleum products.


A Chinese non-profit wildlife organization, WildLifeRisk, exposed what they believe to be the largest whale-shark processing factory in the world, according to Smithsonian Magazine. The facility is located in Wenzhou, a city in southeastern China, and processes an estimated 600 sharks a year. The parts and oils harvested from the animals are used for cosmetics, traditional Chinese medicine, are turned into leather and served as shark fin soup. The sharks are caught off the coast of China during their yearly migrations, by middlemen who then sell the animals to the factory. These men can make up to $30,000 for one whale shark.

Marshall Islands

A shipwrecked man, who identified himself as Jose Ivan, washed up on the reef of a Pacific atoll last Friday, according to the Telegraph. The man travelled 8,000 miles from Mexico, attempting to reach El Salvador. He and a travel companion set off from Mexico September 2012, but his companion died at sea months ago. When he arrived at Ebon atoll, part of the Marshall Islands, he was wearing ragged underpants, had a long beard and was in poor condition, but researchers say his condition is improving. He claimed that he had survived his months at sea by eating turtles, birds, fish and drinking turtle blood when there was no rain. Lacking fishing equipment, he caught the animals with his bare hands, and there was a turtle aboard the scratched-up boat when it washed ashore.


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