Spooktacular brings creative and clever costumes to Page

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This Saturday saw a cavalcade of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins descend on Page Hall multipurpose room, along with a number of cartoon characters and at least one tyrannosaur. Rather than anything nefarious, this supernatural horde came shambling up the Page Hill for for Spooktacular, WAC’s annual Halloween party. WAC bedecked MPR with creepy decor; fake spiderwebs were in abundance, along with creepy lighting, glowing pumpkins, and appropriately spooky skeletons.
The event offered a number of activities, including photo-op’s and a caricature artist. WAC members were also on hand to serve a variety of spooky-themed snacks and drinks. A mix of eighties jams and a few topical Halloween songs entertained partygoers for the evening. In the back, rows of tables offered students a chance to carve their own pumpkin, adding a variety of spooky and silly faces to the evening. “Pumpkin carving is the best,” senior Leah Monica told the Horizon, hard at work digging the guts out of a squash.
As the evening progressed, more and more attendees started to show, bringing with them even more crazy costumes. One could spot an entire awkward family photo slowly making its way around the floor of the multipurpose room, and that’s just for starters. Other highlights included a number of terrifyingly ghoulish makeup jobs, a David and Goliath pair couples costume, a gender-swapped Gandalf (replete with stockings and high-heels), and a Harry Potter with a distinctly un-magical broom.
The primary draw for most attendees was the opportunity to see the costumes of their fellow students. Said sophomore Carolyn Gruss, “I love seeing all the creative costumes. The Westmont inside jokes are the best. Like the preview student,” pointing to an attendee bedecked in red and sporting a lanyard and map. Indeed, costumes proved to be the highlight of the show, with festivities coming to their head at the announcement of the winners of the costume contest. Four categories were offered, and the Westmont student body rose to the challenge. In the category of Craftiest, Grace Schurz won for her impressive jellyfish costume, comprised of a clear umbrella, paper streamers, and glowsticks. “I’m very excited to win,” she said, “since I’ve been working on the costume since August!” The award for funniest costume went to the trio of Gabriel McEwen, Daniel Pratt, and Sean Nakaoka, for their “fresh out of the shower” idea. And finally, the Ms. and Mr. Most Creative awards went to Abby Park and Jared Huff, for a wonderful egg costume and a startlingly faithful interpretation of famed TV painter Bob Ross, respectively.
At the end of the night, the partygoers slowly trickled away as the eighties tunes came to a close, taking heart in the fact that the event would be back next year. In the meantime, Halloween proper would have to suffice, but Spooktacular would remain the ultimate Halloween experience.


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