Jestmont improvises to hilarious effect

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Spanning a weekend, Jestmont kept audiences wildly entertained with their comedy gold. Shows were held Friday and Saturday nights in the packed black box theater in Porter Center.

The night began with an introduction by leaders Chris Cranert and Andrew Olson, who explained some of the audience participation policies. Instead of being scripted, the Jestmont show relied solely on the loose guides of the improv games and the suggestions shouted out by the crowd.

Some games involved all of the Jestmont team. In one, a member would shout out “freeze” and tap the other person currently in the scene and trade places, completely changing what the scene was about. Some games would only be two or three people, and the audience suggested locations, moods, or even celebrities that the actors would have to impersonate.
In another game,a cast member stepped outside and the audience chose a character and what their problem was (Saturday’s was Shrek and his problem was that he drained the swamp), and then the cast member would come in and try and guess who they were based on the questions the others were asking.

Consisting mostly of first-year students, the Jestmont team was well-rehearsed despite the young ensemble. The entire group had such a symbiotic relationship that every scene was successful in its own way. The audience couldn’t stop laughing and kept shouting out new and obscure suggestions the entire night. Jestmont will be working on new content for the next show in the spring.


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