Danny Winter refines new album

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In the late summer of 2012, fourth-year Daniel Luiken, also known as rapper, Danny Winter, felt he had finally finished his second album “The Prolific Story of Danny Winter.” Right before he released it, however, he realized that it was simply not what he had envisioned for this record. Luiken had been making music since before high school, but he felt that this newest album needed to be a step ahead of anything he had released before.

“I’m not going to put out something that’s not perfect,” Luiken explained. He scrapped all but two songs in order to create the album he always felt he was capable of making. A year and a half later, “The Prolific Story of Danny Winter” was finally released last week. The journey to this point has been challenging in a variety of ways, but Luiken feels his many hours of hard work have paid off. He described the record as “the first body of work that I feel accurately represents who I am, and who I have become, and serves as my official debut.”

Luiken is more excited about this album than anything he has made before, and he credits this excitement to the transition he has seen in his own approach to music. He saw his previous songs as being focused on entertaining and catching the ear of the listener, while he now believes his music to be art, which, according to Luiken, “brings a whole new layer to what a song or album can do.” Immediately after shelving his album in 2012, Luiken spent a semester studying abroad in Europe, which he explains was a huge factor in his artistic development.

His time in Europe allowed him to see some of the greatest art in the world, which certainly served as inspiration for his work.

According to Luiken, his album stands apart from other rap music of today. He says, “’The Prolific Story of Danny Winter’ is not a collection of unrelated songs. The whole album works together to create an experience for the listener to enter.” Luiken says that he created over fifty songs for this album to ensure it was his absolute best work, and that a song would not be considered for the final album if he didn’t love it.

The result is a huge step forward for Luiken, as he has improved upon many of his self-proclaimed weaknesses from before (he cites lyrics) in order to deliver a final product that he can feel satisfied about.

Luiken says that initial reaction to the album has been overwhelmingly positive, as the album received over two thousand listens on the first day alone. “Many people who I would not have expected to listen to my music have approached me, telling me they enjoyed listening to the album,” says Luiken, “and nothing beats that.”

Now Luiken is focused on trying to get this album out to whomever he can, as he feels he has a sound that can appeal to both hip-hop fanatics and those who normally aren’t drawn to rap. He hopes to have the opportunity to put on some shows soon, and maybe even get his album noticed by executives in the music industry. His simple request to anyone is that they give the album a try, and if they like it: “Share it. That is the biggest thing I can ask right now.”

You can listen to or download “The Prolific Story of Danny Winter” online by visiting Danny Winter’s Facebook page.


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