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Student artists sell work at Holiday Art Sale

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A total of 16 art students and two art professors, including professor Nathan Huff and adjunct professor Christopher Rupp contributed pieces to be sold at the second annual Student Holiday Art Sale. Many of the students this year offered prints, photographs, one-of-a-kind illustrations, handmade Christmas cards, and jewelry.

Each participating student was placed around the Ridley-Tree Museum courtyard with their stations individually labeled. A few students stated they were available for commission and offered personal business cards to get in contact with them. Some students also included their Instagram usernames so that spectators could see more of their artwork on social media.

The students that displayed prints were Rianne Banuelos, Frannie Richardson, Maddy Cowan, Emma Wade, Lauren Koo, and Chelsea Roberts. Rianna Banuelos created large prints of a flag with a white star in the middle, fighter planes in the background, and wording going across the bottom. Frannie Richardson’s prints were of various items such as a Volkswagen bus, people dancing in front of bright boxed colors, and brightly colored vegetables. Maddy Cowan made small cards of her prints with black ink on dark brown paper. Emma Wade made prints of portrait illustrations she created along with illustrations of a succulent and joined hands as circular stickers. Lauren Koo’s prints were small in size of a hand holding a cigarette surrounded by smoke and another set of prints that was a digital illustration she created of the items she keeps around her desk in her dorm room. Chelsea Roberts was generous enough to display prints of the canvas paintings from her solo exhibition which depicted the mysteries of her mind with sea creatures.

Along with her prints, Lauren Koo had photographs, as did Olivia Essen and Meredith Olson. Koo’s photos were of random, unnoticed things such as windows, chairs, reflections, and shadows. Olivia Essen’s photos were landscapes of outdoor environments like the beach. Meredith Olson’s photos focused more on cityscape images with a lot of warm-tone buildings.

Two students were selling watercolor calligraphy items. Alyssa Beccue’s calligraphy was of phrases over a white background, some of which were framed. Julianna Carl’s calligraphy was in the form of individually unique Christmas cards.

Danny Rod Thiel, Izzi Mata, and Mary Elizabeth Heard sold illustrations. Thiel’s drawings were of Pokémon characters and also included a painting dedicated to the gorilla Harambe. Mata’s minimalist illustrations were of cactuses and trees in small sizes against white paper. Mary Elizabeth Heard’s illustrations were on recycled paper made in India through a company that she owns to help give jobs to people in India.

Rachel Elliot, Jacob Clark, and Sahara Barrett stood out in the art sale. Elliot was selling handmade fairytale jewelry, such as white rose earrings that were lightly painted red entitled “Painting the Roses Red” from the children’s book Alice in Wonderland. Jacob Clark made fully functional wood pens from a wood mill that he knows back home. Barrett created canvas paintings with bright colors and intricate designs.

Nathan Huff submitted some of his work of different painted chairs with plants hanging over them. Christopher Rupp displayed some of his pottery such as vases and mugs in dark colored glazes.

The Holiday Art Sale is where the Westmont community can appreciate and purchase student artwork and handmade goods. Of the proceedings earned throughout the day, a small portion is dedicated to the art student scholarships.


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