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Restaurant Review: Yume Sushi

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Yume Sushi is a Japanese restaurant within the average college student’s reach. The restaurant is a block away from Backyard Bowls and just down the street from the Paseo Nuevo shuttle stop. The prices are also reasonable if you seek delectable Japanese food. They serve an assortment of rolls, sushi, noodles, and entrées.

To name a few of their twenty-nine appetizers, they serve gyoza which is a pan-fried dumpling that is either stuffed with pork or vegetables. Another dish is the asparagus beef roll; grilled asparagus wrapped with beef rib eye and drizzled with teriyaki sauce over a bed of lettuce. There is also the more common appetizers such as edamame, fried calamari, and popcorn shrimp that is tossed in a spicy mayo sauce.

The noodle options range from various types of udon to the traditional ramen bowl. The ramen can either be ordered as miso, pork, or soyu. They come in large, deep bowls that are practically filled to the rim with noodles, broth, and all the other goodies included in your particular noodle dish.

The lunch and dinner entrées are served with a shallow mug of miso soup, a small bowl of green salad, and a bowl of rice. Their lunch specials are served at an earlier time, however you can get more for your money since some of the dishes come with two items along with the soup, salad, and rice. One item that can be found in two sections is the shrimp and vegetable tempura. The shrimp and vegetable tempura comes as an entrée. However, it can also be ordered as an appetizer where it is still accompanied by the same savory fried shrimp, broccoli, sweet potato, green beans, onion, and zucchini.
Their curry comes with only the miso soup and green salad side dishes, however, the size of each bowl is almost as large as the noodle bowls. The curry can be served as either a regular curry rice dish or as a curry omelet rice, like their katsu chicken curry omelet rice.

There are also many rolls, sushi, and sashimi to choose from from. Each comes with six to eight pieces, like their eight piece California roll topped with fish eggs. A few other rolls include the avocado salmon roll, the shrimp tempura roll presented with the vegetables delicately arranged, and an avocado eel roll that will leave you wanting more. These dishes are not served with any side dishes, and there is a fee for adding soy paper to the rolls or a quail egg to the sushi and sashimi.

With soft jazz composed by Japanese singers playing in the background, the atmosphere is inviting and tranquil, making it a great place to enjoy time with friends. An added bonus to quality time with friends is that the restaurant has several rooms within its structure to give your party a feeling of coziness and privacy. Their mission in the food industry is to “serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week” and you will want to go back for more.


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