Grammy Awards recognize 2017's top music

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The Grammy awards celebrate and recognize English-language music achievements by various artists. The Recording Academy presents Grammys to talented artists who stand out with their new and thriving music. The Grammys have been showcasing artists for about 60 years since the very first Grammy Awards ceremony held on May 4, 1959.

In the 1950s, the Grammys were born out of the fact that there were too many people in the industry in line for a Walk of Fame star, and not enough space to put the stars. Thus, music executives decided to create an award similar to the Emmys and Oscars. They decided to honor Emile Berliner, the inventor of the gramophone, by naming these awards the Grammys.

The four main Grammy awards are Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. Other awards recognize specific movie tracks, contributions to artwork and video, specific genres, and long-lasting contributions to the music industry. Three artists have impressively won all four of these main awards: Christopher Cross, Norah Jones, and Adele.

This year, Bruno Mars came close to reaching the accomplishments of these artists, but came up short by one award. He took Record, Album, and Song Of The Year. Mars’ song “That’s What I Like” set a new record as Song of The Year with the most credited songwriters on one song.

Alessia Cara won Canada’s Best New Artist award, as an up and coming young artist in the singer-songwriter industry.
In the rap categories, artist Kendrick Lamar swept the floor with all four rap awards, for the second time. Little Big Town took the Best Country Duo/Group Performance for their hit. “Better Man.”

Popular movie La la Land won two awards: Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, and Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, and is the first to win both since Ray in 2005.

These are just the highlights, as many talented artists were rightfully recognized in 2018. Throughout the years there have been a variety of stand-out Grammy hosts who rocked the stage and represented the show well. Interestingly, the awards went without a host after Queen Latifah in 2005, until LL Cool J in 2012. LL Cool J then held the “hosting baton” until this year, when James Corden took over.

Corden, a beloved British actor and host of The Late Late Show with James Corden, was perceived as somewhat controversial. Many of his jokes produced “crickets,” and some were considered offensive. Twitter users jokingly tweeted that the UK should “take him back.”

America’s music lovers look forward to seeing what this next year brings in the music industry, as 2017 showcased some seriously rad tunes.


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