Advertisements win big at Super Bowl

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Millions of fans tuned in for the big game last Sunday to watch the Eagles play the Patriots in Super Bowl LII . . . or were they actually tuning in to watch the ads?

Super Bowl ads have the notorious reputation of being one of the main draws of the game, with over 114.4 million viewers in 2015 as estimated by Nielsen Ratings. These ads can be heartfelt, energetic, edgy, and anything in between. With companies paying a minimum of 5 million dollars for a mere 30-second ad, the ads have to be brief, well thought-out, and capable of grabbing the attention of the audience they are targeting.

In years past, some of the most memorable ads have been by companies like Budweiser, with their signature Clydesdales and lager. They try and incorporate classic themes of patriotism and hard work in all of their ads. Some of the most disturbing ads have been by Doritos, with a baby following the Dorito on the ultrasound. There have also been some one-hit wonders like Oreo’s “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” ad which just had a blank screen for 30 seconds, and a single tweet that said “Power out? No Problem.”

This year, there has been much debate about what the best Super Bowl ad was, so here are a few:
Pepsi’s ad this year combines the talents of Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in an epic rap battle of dramatic proportions. The products they are selling are new Doritos Blaze and Mtn Dew Ice, with Dinklage spitting straight fire and Freeman bringing the chill. The ad ends with the two staring at each other, messing with the other’s heat or chill, respectively.

Amazon’s “Alexa Lost Her Voice” ad begins with Alexa literally losing her voice, requiring several star-studded replacements to fill in for her while she’s away. Celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Anthony Hopkins start giving their own advice and wreaking havoc on the consumers. Eventually, Alexa gets her voice back and peace is restored . . . for now.

The NFL had a hilarious ad, with New York Giants Eli Manning and Odell Beckham recreating the final dance of Dirty Dancing. The climax of the short ad was Beckham running towards Manning and being lifted up into the air like the beautiful player he knows he is. After, they return to football practice as if nothing had happened.

The most touching ad of the night was Budweiser’s “Stand by Me” ad. It depicts a natural disaster and Budweiser filling cans with water instead of beer and distributing them with disaster relief agencies. This hits close to home as Santa Barbara has been struck repeatedly by fire and mudslides.

There were many other ads, and some flops, but overall, the ads of Super Bowl LII were a hit. There are several websites where you can vote for your favorite ad, and of course, youtube has all of them in case you missed the game or you just want to watch the best ones on repeat!


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