Artist of the Week: Tim Beccue

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Senior physics major Tim Beccue is frequently mistaken for a music major on the Westmont campus. Beccue can often be sighted with a cello in front of him; whether it’s in chapel, chamber groups, orchestra, or even jazz band, he has grown to be a staple musician for the Westmont community. Beccue was awarded the 2014 Guild Scholarship Competition for Westmont Music. Since then, he has explored diverse collaborative musical groups and challenged himself with unfamiliar genres, such as jazz.

Beccue moved onto learning cello at age twelve after starting out on the piano. “I wanted to play the biggest instrument my school had; so, it would’ve been [the bass], but they didn’t offer bass lessons, so I just started playing cello” he recalled.

More recently, Beccue submitted his performance of Dmitri Shostakovich Cello Concerto n.1 op. 107 for Westmont’s Concerto Competition. Auditions are normally held before the closing of the fall semester, but due to evacuation circumstances, participants auditioned electronically. Winners of the competition are selected to perform in the Westmont Orchestra Concerto Concert in February of the spring semester as a highlighted soloist. Beccue performed in this weekend’s Orchestra Concerto Concert along with Erik Fauss and Sierra Farrar’s duet of Max Bruch’s Double Concerto for violin and viola.

In a recent interview with Beccue, he reflected on his very first experience playing a concerto with a full orchestra: “I’m excited. It’s a great privilege to play with an orchestra, but it’s also not the highest-pressure performance. It’s not a big competition or anything. It’ll be fun.”

Aside from the array of musical endeavors, Beccue has explored other outlets of art. Throughout his time at Westmont, Beccue has spent long hours in the on-campus observatory capturing astrophotography. “It combines my previous interest with photography and my current interest with physics. And you really gotta know both to be successful. That sucked away junior year because I didn’t get any sleep. It takes like eight hours of exposure time and then you layer it all together. And then processing is a challenge in its own,” he commented. (Beccue’s astrophotography can be viewed at timspacepics.weebly.com). Other than looking skyward, Beccue also explores the earthly realm of nature with a few close companions and his camera. His nature photography truly captures man’s relationship with and curiosity of raw and natural landscapes.

Beccue expressed that he plans on striving to focus next on developing his body art, since he has been largely successful in appreciating the human form through photography. While his resume has yet to include the offication of his own art on a canvas, Beccue has already experimented with placement of pieces and securing his first body art session with a close peer.

Post-graduation, Beccue is not sure what direction he would like to take through his diverse interests. At least for the summer months following graduation, he plans on traveling the States with his current roommate, Peter Casey, undoubtedly accompanied by good tunes and memorialized by tasteful photography.


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