Feminists objectified themselves at the women's march

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Modern feminists have correctly posited that Western society rampantly objectifies women. Seeking to purge our culture of objectification, feminists rightly wish to be treated with value independent of their physical appearance. Of course, women are more than just their physical selves and deserve to be treated as such. Feminists, however, routinely undermine this goal. The Women’s March, in particular, demonstrates the feminist penchant for self-objectification and sexualization.
Disgusted by Trump’s disdain and lack of respect for women, they marched to exhibit power in numbers. The comments Trump made on the Access Hollywood bus, the multiple allegations of sexual harassment, and the recent reports regarding an affair with a pornstar have flustered many; feminists thereby view him as the poster child for systematic sexism in society. Certain aspects of Trump’s character are concerning, and I say this as a supporter of the president. However, instead of leading a movement that glorifies the value and uniqueness of women, feminists at the Women's March objectified themselves with an astounding dearth of self-awareness.
Ironically, feminists paraded around the country protesting objectification while wearing “pussy hats”. Additionally, the signs at the march were increasingly vulgar. Examples include the following slogans: “keep your hands off my pussy,” “this pussy bites back,” “my pussy is your worst nightmare,” “I’d call Trump a cunt, but he lacks depth and warmth,” and, of course, “pussy power.” Some women even dressed up as vaginas because the pussy hat was too vague, apparently.
Such blatantly sexual and obscene language was unlady-like for a march purportedly aimed at elevating women. The trend in feminism of objectification unfortunately isn’t limited to the Women’s March; feminists recently have unnecessarily objectified themselves in other ways. Model Tess Holliday posed nude in conjunction with the Women’s March to promote women's equality. Women at Buzzfeed painted with their period blood in an effort to eradicate menstrual stigma. Lastly, feminists across the country have organized “free the nipple” events where they take their tops of in the middle of campus. They argue that they should be able to go shirtless in public like men. Here is a note to feminists: Sexist pigs, whom you hate and see you as merely sex objects, are quite fond of topless marches in the quad. The feminist obsession over genitalia is mind-boggling.
As a treasure to society and a gift from God, the unique perspective and qualities of women are indispensable to our society. Women deserve to be treated as equals to men and should never be viewed as a piece of meat. When feminists wear vagina hats, make obscene signs, dress up as vaginas, pose naked, paint with their menstrual blood, or take their tops off, they degrade the precious female body and exacerbating the problem. Ultimately, the biggest enemy of equality and progress at the Women’s March was not Trump: It was feminists themselves.


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