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Food Critic: Jack's Bistro and Famous Bagels

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For those slow mornings when you have plenty of time to enjoy the Santa Barbara scene, Jack’s Bistro and Famous Bagels is the best place to get the day started. The bagels are made fresh everyday from plain to chocolate. However, it’s not just bagels that one can find at Jack’s. There are also burgers, salads, soups, pastas, wraps, sandwiches, and paninis. At Jack’s though, it’s all about the breakfast options, with which you can indulge in a cup of Peet’s Coffee.

Jack’s Bistro’s menu has evolved over the years to bring in some of the greatest bagel creations and sandwiches known to the Santa Barbara County. They have a location in Carpentaria on Carpinteria Ave. and in Santa Barbara on lower Milpas just off of the 101. You can also cater to yourself with their create-your-own omelet or smoothie.

Breakfast is served at all open hours, so you can have pancakes for lunch and no one will say no. Bagels and pancakes are served all day, along with omelettes, specialty breakfasts, burritos, local and nationally named bagelwiches, style themed B-Eggl’s, and specialty eggs.

Their specialty eggs are served with homemade fries and a choice of toast or with two pancakes or a bagel with cheese or sliced tomato. Their Specialty Breakfast options include Huevos Rancheros (two eggs any style with rice and beans over corn tortillas, topped with homemade salsa, melted provolone cheese, and avocado), Bagels Benedict (poached eggs with sliced ham on a bagel with hollandaise served with homemade fries), and a few other choices.

You can order a single bagel from their list of choices: plain, onion, poppy, cinnamon, rye, bially, everything, pumpernickel, salt, sesame, garlic, whole wheat, egg, jalapeño, sun-dried tomato, blueberry, cranberry, or chocolate. Each choice comes with a spread of whipped cream cheese. Their Cream Cheese Bagels are served with different spread flavors such as regular, light, veggie, garlic herb, lox, chive, jalapeño, sun-dried tomato, or cinnamon-walnut-raisin.

Breakfast Burritos are served with homemade fries and a side of salsa which pairs great with The Bomb Breakfast Burrito stuffed with three scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese or the Chorizo Burrito filled with three scrambled eggs, avocado, and cheddar and jack cheese.

Their style-themed B-Eggl’s come in flavorful options like Jack’s B-Eggl with two scrambled eggs, cheddar and cream cheese, tomato, red onion and lettuce. The Bacon B-Eggl is made with two scrambled eggs, cheddar and cream cheese, and crispy bacon. Along with other delectable options, there is also the Veggie B-Eggl with two scrambled eggs, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato and fresh spinach.

The Baglewiches are interestingly named. A few are The Rivera, The Brooklyn, The Santa Barbara, The Montecito, The Milpas Melt, The State Street, or The Linden Avenue.

Jack’s Bistro and Famous Bagels located on Milpas is by the old Trader Joe’s. The inside has limited seating. However, there is a small patio area in the front to take in the beautiful Santa Barbara weather. Or, if that does not work either, you can order their food to go and enjoy it somewhere else like the beach.


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