Artist of the Week: Troy Chimuma

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Troy Chimuma, a senior theatre major from Bowie, Maryland, is wrapping up his last few months here at Westmont. When he entered into Westmont, Chimuma also entered the creative mind of Dr. John Blondell, professor of theatre arts. According to Chimuma, working with Dr. Blondell gave him “an entirely new point of view on how to look at everything entertainment.”

Chimuma’s life these past few years has revolved around the stage. He gives himself credit for sticking with a passion that is usually seen as a difficult area to succeed in. Many have told him that acting is not a “real” or promising career, to which Chimuma says “I get it, it’s hard to do and break into. But I can’t be out here living for someone else when I have my own body, life, and future to take care of.” He tries to remain unbothered by what others say. Chimuma understands the reasoning behind their discouragement, yet he still plans to continue on with acting until he and others he’s doing this for are satisfied.

Though many across campus have seen Chimuma’s spectacular performances, there is no one thing that he would consider his greatest accomplishment. “I like to think that every little thing I do that lends itself to my overall goal is an accomplishment . . . I don’t want to single certain things out as being noteworthy ‘accomplishments’ because every little thing counts,” Chimuma states.

Even though his time here at Westmont is short, Chimuma likes to think that living within the Santa Barbara and Westmont community has opened his eyes in many ways. A few people within the community have left an impression on Chimuma that he will now see as “living legends” in his history book.

After college, Chimuma is considering graduate school. He has currently applied and auditioned to three graduate schools that are still pending. In the meantime, Chimuma will be joining the reputable acting institution, South Coast Repertory, in their acting intensive program this summer. Should graduate school fall through, Chimuma hopes he can audition with SCR to be a member of their company. Chimuma looks forward to the end of school since he’ll have more time to be creative in his acting. “With being an actor, I am able to create my own work in terms of projects and ideas that I want to work on. The two main ingredients I need are time and resources. Once I’m out of school, both of those ingredients will become more attainable,” Chimuma affirms.

Chimuma would like to invite the Westmont community to see his senior project that he will be performing with fellow theatre major Leslie Duggin in the Black Box Theatre on March 22 and 25 at 7pm. A final thought he would like to add is, “Don’t dream your life, live your dream,” a resonated quote he heard at a good friend’s memorial service in a recording of his graduation speech that has stuck with Chimuma to this day.


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