Trump plans visit to California

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"I will build a great wall—and nobody builds better walls than me, believe me!” By now, most Americans are overly familiar with the tendencies of Donald Trump’s speech, but have had no choice but to wait to see whether or not his bold claims will be backed by action.
Specifically in regards to the Mexican-American border wall, Trump’s actions remain firmly the early stages. Still, despite much opposition, his vision moves forward. Last week, the White House confirmed that Trump is planning on visiting California in mid-March to view wall prototypes and attend a political fundraiser according to the LA Times. Plans may change, a spokesperson said, as plans to come to the state have been previous postponed due to other events. If Trump does visit, it will be his first time to the Golden State as president.
In January, he drafted an immigration bill requesting 25 billion dollars for the construction of the wall, and it allowed for the possibility of granting citizenship to Dreamers, or illegal child immigrants. In reference to the growing concern of and for American Dreamers, Trump reassured reports in Jan. saying, “Tell them not to be concerned, ok? Tell them not to worry. We’re going to solve the problem.” This quote marks a significantly more lenient approach to immigration than during Trump’s campaign, but his motivation to build the wall seems undeterred. Recently, the Trump administration was granted legal permission to move forward with the wall’s construction, with the decision of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. According to the Texas Tribune, Trump had previously stated that Judge Curiel’s Mexican heritage would prohibit him from making a fair judgment—a concern seemingly invalidated by a favorable court ruling.
Trump’s continued dedication to the wall’s construction has not prevented him from adapting some of the details of his vision according to, though he originally envisioned a “monolithic, 30-foot concrete wall,” he has adjusted the plans for a shorter, mixed-material barrier, which will serve as a renovation to the barriers already in place. Various forms of barrier already cover over 600 miles of the Mexican-American border, so many doubt that the funds more construction would require would be effective enough to justify. However, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security stated: “border walls have been proven to be extremely effective in preventing the flow of drugs and illegal aliens across our borders…The Department of Homeland Security looks forward to building the wall where our frontline operators say it is needed and in accordance with all applicable laws.” According to Fortune Magazine, other experts have asserted that although a wall of any form will likely not be able to prevent the drug trade, it will make a significant impact on illegal immigration.
CNN reports that Trump announced that he is considering pulling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from California as retribution for the state’s “lousy management job [of immigration].” What this would mean for the immigration/wall issue as a whole is unclear, but there is no doubt that President Trump began the second year of his term with all American, Mexican, and Mexican-American citizens watching and waiting to see if his plans will turn to action.


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