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Artist of the Week: Josh Martinez-Davis

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Senior Josh Martinez-Davis has a lot going on these last few weeks before graduating in May with a BA in theatre arts with a focus in lighting design. Since transferring to Westmont after spending his freshman year at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, Martinez-Davis has worked on several projects.

When asked what his accomplishments at Westmont are thus far, Martinez-Davis lists two categories; lighting and acting. For lighting, Martinez-Davis was lighting designer and/or master electrician for several performances. He was assistant lighting designer and master electrician for Blood Wedding last spring, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui last semester, and the recent performance of Die Fledermaus.

He is the design liaison, head student lighting designer and master electrician for the Westmont College Fringe Festival including lighting designs for Spin Class, Camera Scarabaea, and Please Form a Line Here. Martinez-Davis is also involved in lighting senior projects such as the recent End to Avoid Damage and the upcoming performance of The Chairs in April. Martinez-Davis also did the lighting design for other events, including the Musical Moveable Feast and John Butler’s music concert.

In terms of acting roles, Martinez-Davis performed on stage as Emanuel Giri, a gangster from The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht and directed by professor Mitchell Thomas. A second role that Martinez-Davis participated in was previous Westmont student, Mia Altman’s (‘17) senior project You Can’t Keep Living This Way. Martinez-Davis performed as Jéan the Genie, a sensitive genie who lived in a broken house lamp.

End to Avoid Damage, a performance with other senior projects from Troy Chimuma and Leslie Duggin, was the first full length production that Martinez-Davis worked on by himself. “I really enjoyed the experience of working from start to finish on a full length production,” Martinez-Davis states. The Chairs is a senior project by Elena White that Martinez-Davis will be lighting in April. He also wrote his own play for Fringe in the next coming weeks entitled “The Attic.”

“As Design Liaison for Fringe this year, I think there will be some wonderful and visually stunning performances,” he comments. Martinez-Davis also has another full length play that will screen during finals week. This screening will either be a staged reading or a video of their first read through of the play.

Martinez-Davis has really enjoyed his time here at Westmont thanks to his friends, professors, and the service trips he has taken part in. His friends have greatly shaped him into who he is today. Working alongside and having a friendship with professor Jonathan Hicks has helped him grow as a lighting designer and helped shape his path for continuing to pursue his MFA in lighting design. Professor Hicks has helped Martinez-Davis’s growth in learning to help support others in their growth. Although going on Potters Clay did not necessarily shape Martinez-Davis as a lighting designer, it shaped him in understanding his service towards others no matter what.

After Westmont, Martinez-Davis is hoping to get his MFA in lighting design at either NYU, Rutgers, or at UMass Amherst.


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