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Food Critique: D'Angelo's Bakery

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Slow and easy mornings can be welcomed with a little something, sweet or savory, from D’Angelo’s Bakery. D’Angelo’s is a small local bakery that makes their baked goods fresh daily including everything from pastries and dessert to loaves of bread. Food can also be ordered to go for those not-so-slow mornings. Eating in-house is just as great with the option of sitting either inside the bakery or in the outdoor seating space in front.

There are several artisan breads to choose from. The types of sourdough they bake are poppy seed or sesame baguette, levain, multigrain, or country wheat. D’Angelo’s has several different varieties of rye such as French, raisin, pumpernickel, walnut, sunflower, and whole grain available Thursday through Saturday, German style farmer’s rye bread, and flaxseed German style rye bread. A few other breads they have are rosemary lemon, ciabatta, French country loaf, honey whole wheat, Rudolph Steiner bread served Thursday through Saturday, and Alpine spice and sunflower seed available Saturday and Sunday.

Their handmade breakfast pastries are purely enjoyable. The croissants come in five flavors: butter, chocolate, almond, triple cheese, or ham and cheese. Butter danishes come in eight flavors: poppy seed twist, hazelnut, cream cheese, raisin snail, sour cherry, wild blueberry, butter brioche, and cinnamon bun. Scones are large in size with flavors such as currant, tri-berry (a mix of blue, black, and raspberry), and multigrain (flaxseed, sunflower, oat, and sesame). All baked goods are served with butter and the choice of homemade strawberry jam or nutella.

Hot beverages range from coffee, cappuccinos, a variety of hot teas, and lattes. An interesting touch that the bakery gives is having the hot teas brewed with a miniature French press that the customer can hold onto at the table.

The bakery serves both breakfast and brunch items such as sandwiches, salads, and omelettes. However, it’s all about the baked goods. D’Angelo’s is on the pricier side with prices ranging from $11 to $30 depending on what one orders, and in-house service is a little slow. However, the baked goods are exceptionally tasty and worth the price and time.


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