Artist of the Week: Kasey Iverson

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Senior Kasey Iverson from Glendora, CA has the gift of recognizing a moment of beauty as it happens. Whether snapping photos of her closest friends or petals falling from trees, writing poetry that explores the connections between nature, love, and spirituality, or celebrating student art as the Editor-in-Chief of the Phoenix, Iverson finds light, life, and art in the world around her.

As an English major/studio art minor, Iverson has many opportunities for artistic expression both inside and outside of the classroom, and began writing poetry as a result of Dr. Willis’s Creative Writing Workshop her sophomore year. “We worked on a variety of genres, but I was drawn to poetry because of how subjective and creative it is,” she says, “I’m mostly drawn to poems about love and pain, and the two are often interwoven. Also, I love me a good bird poem.”

Inspired by the work of Li-Young Lee, e.e. cummings, and Mary Oliver, Iverson pursues the poetic moment where, as she says, “you feel like a piece of your soul has been presented back to you in an entirely new way.” Some of her favorite poems she has written are a pair of persona poems about Samson and Delilah.

“There’s something so satisfying about finding exactly the right word or phrase to communicate a feeling or idea,” Iverson says, “I’m really proud of the ending lines I came up with--it’s so hard to find the perfect ending for a poem!” The process of reaching for the perfect moments of understanding in poetry keeps Iverson writing.

One of Iverson’s favorite poetic memories is reading T. S. Eliot’s “Little Gidding” in the church at Little Gidding on England Semester 2016. “It was perfectly gray and rainy, and our whole group squeezed into the tiny chapel to read every line aloud,” she reminisces, “I’ll never forget the feeling of hearing some of the most beautiful lines ever written in the place that inspired them.”

Good poetry isn’t the only thing that inspires Iverson--she also loves indie movies with good cinematography, feminist theory, good lighting, really small animals, and the art of her friends and peers.

As Editor-in-Chief for the Phoenix, Iverson has loved hearing, reading, and seeing the creative work from her fellow students. “I tried to make the whole process as collaborative as possible in working with my sub-editors,” she explains, “So the final product is a result of all of our ideas and visions for the magazine.”

After she graduates this year, Iverson hopes to stay in Santa Barbara. “I don’t have a set career trajectory, and I never really have, but I’m excited to explore different options that allow me to use everything I’ve learned in creative ways!” she says.

She also plans to continue writing, even if she’s the only one who ends up reading it, and will definitely keep taking “plenty more sweet pics” of her roommate of four years, Jamie Whitcher. Iverson is also considering pursuing editing as a career option.

You can see Iverson’s photography at the sophomore art show in the first floor of Adams, and can celebrate student work alongside her at Phoenix Night at this year’s Fringe Festival. Phoenix Night premieres Saturday, April 21 at 7:30pm. “The student work this year is incredible!” Iverson says, “You won’t want to miss it. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done, and can’t wait for everyone else to experience it!”


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