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Artist of the Week: Nathan Tarr

Views 41 | Time to read: 3 minutes | Uploaded: 4 - 24 - 2018 | By: Emily Mosher

Nathan Tarr is a talented senior who has significantly contributed to the art culture at Westmont. Nathan grew up in Dakar, Senegal, and Togo. He came to California for college, and found himself at Westmont as an art major. Though he was originally planning to minor in French, he decided to focus purely on his art and hone his talents there. Tarr has certainly left an impact on Westmont through showcasing his talent in many ways, and being involved on campus.

Within the past year, Tarr has made a few exciting debuts of his work. He had a solo art show through the Westmont art program in January which included pieces about Kanye West, and is currently showcasing his work at at the senior show, which is up in the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art until graduation. He also works as a graphic design intern for Westmont, and has created some of the posters up around campus throughout the year, along with other print and digital materials.

Additionally, Tarr works on the Horizon where he develops the design for the front page every week and works with Lauren Koo on designing the rest of the paper. This year, he was also able to design the Phoenix magazine, which he says was “really fun to do and a great experience.” A flexible artist, Tarr says, “I like all forms of art, and it’s nice that we get to experiment with so many at Westmont. I’d say I’m most experienced in digital media. I work with vectors in Adobe Illustrator, and I have been learning digital painting in Photoshop.”

Every artist has inspiration, and Tarr is inspired by the life around him, “I am inspired by beauty around me, by art, music and nature. I am constantly inspired by other artists and people that are better than me, like Beyonce.”

Everyone is probably dying to know, what will Nathan do after Westmont, will he continue his art? Although he doesn’t know exactly what his future is yet, (then again, who does?), he says, “Since I already have experience with graphic design I will probably be doing that in the future, but I hope to keep illustrating and painting, and I will eventually go to grad school for some type of design program.” Tarr will continue to shape and form his art in life after Westmont.

When asked what he would say to encourage young artists beginning their journey at Westmont, he says, “There is a lot to learn, seeing how far I've come since I started here, but the profs are amazing.” Nathan is one of those inspiring seniors the community will be sad to see go, but he has a bright future ahead of him.


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