Jerry Karczewski, Noah Blanton turning pro

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Having concluded very successful careers as Westmont Warriors, seniors Gerald Karczewski and Noah Blanton have decided to play professional basketball in Hong Kong this upcoming year.

Both Karczewski and Blanton were huge assets for the Warriors throughout their time at Westmont, and their choice to continue playing is understandable due to their talent, drive, and clear passion for the game. Because of Head Coach John Moore’s connections, they are able to continue playing the game they love.

During his time here, Karczewski broke the record for all-time three-pointers made in a career, has been named All-GSAC, and has received notable awards from NAIA for his contribution. Similarly, Blanton has been a great leader for the Warriors and has impacted the team in a positive way.

“We heard about the chance to play in Hong Kong from Coach Moore,” said Blanton, “A friend of his who has been watching us play since we were freshmen has a connection to a team in this league in Hong Kong.”

He continued to say that, “He liked the way Jerry and I carried ourselves, so he thought he’d see if we were interested in playing over there. A couple years ago, he recruited two other Westmont alumni to play for his team as well.”

“I want to continue to play basketball for as long as I can. This was a great opportunity to continue to play and see a different part of the world,” said Karczewski. “What is even better is I get to do it with one of my teammates and closest friends, Noah Blanton.”

Blanton said, “I decided to pursue it because I want to keep playing basketball. It is a chance to see a different part of the world. A chance to do all of this with Jerry there too makes it even better.”

Based off the successful careers the two had, it is evident that they will thrive in Hong Kong as well.


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