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Target is coming to Santa Barbara

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Emily Evans
Staff Writer

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors about a Target coming to the Santa Barbara area, but no one seems to have the most accurate information. Let us make it clearer for you.
The closest Target opening to campus will be located in the Galleria, at the intersection of La Cumbre Road and State Street. Unfortunately, that means for first-year students and others without cars, the store won’t be accessible by shuttle. However, from the Paseo Nuevo stop, the ride is only about 8-10 minutes if you take an uber.
The store was first announced to open in October of 2018, but is now scheduled to open in 2019, according to Target’s corporate page.
KEYT reports that the compact 32,000 square foot Target will include a grab-and-go Starbucks and CVS Pharmacy, along with the typical apparel, produce, home decor, sporting goods, electronics, and child care products. While the store will be small compared to other California locations, the in-store pickup and online ordering functions will be a huge bonus for those in the community who love products from the Target-specific brand.
Chris Shane, Managing Partner, Gryphon Capital, LLC said, “we are building on the success of our longstanding partnership with Target with the Santa Barbara [Galleria store]. The Galleria is a great fit for Target and our customers, who will benefit from a unique and convenient shopping experience.”
A second, full-sized, 117,000 square foot, store is also scheduled to open in Goleta in 2019, located at the intersection of Hollister Avenue and Storke Road. The K-Mart that is currently located at this location is scheduled to close in October of 2018.
The Goleta store, like the Santa Barbara mini version, will feature the chain’s “next generation” design, which includes a nursing room, drive-up area, and order pickup service. In contrast, the Goleta Target is a 22 minute drive from campus (only about 3 miles from UCSB), but will inevitably contain more departments and a larger variety of products.
“With the positive response following the plans we shared for our Santa Barbara Galleria store,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, Properties, “we are excited to find another opportunity to grow our presence in the Santa Barbara community.”
The Goleta location is also scheduled to open in 2019.


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