International News update 9/11/18

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China’s revised codes on family planning
China is taking its most progressive stance on family planning yet, with the exclusion of any mention of the matter in its newly drafted civil code. In their previous codes, families have not been allowed to have more than one child. The infamous “one child policy” began in 1979 to help reduce the astronomical birth-rate in the country, but has since created a large gender imbalance and a shrinking workforce. Changes to these family planning policies won’t officially come into effect until the Chinese parliament meets in 2020, but all signs are pointing to big changes coming soon to the asian superpower’s controversial policies.

Brazilian National Museum burns to the ground
Tragedy struck Rio De Janeiro when the Brazilian National Museum caught fire on September 2nd. Thousands of priceless items were destroyed. The museum lost up to 90 percent of its content, including indigenous works of art, an extensive entomology collection, mummies, and other ancient Egyptian artifacts. While the large monetary loss is unfortunate for the museum, the invaluable cultural losses is what is affecting Brazilians the most. A lot of the exhibits inside the museum showcased art, biological samples, and ancient relics that were significant to the story of Brazil and the rest of South America. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Anti-immigration protests persist in Germany
A stabbing in the German city of Chemnitz sparked a series of protests that have revealed deep-seeded differences among neighbors and friends last week. In response to the two stabbers allegedly being immigrants, far-right protesters have taken to the streets to voice their issues with immigration policies in Germany. They were promptly met by counter-demonstrators and local police, resulting in numerous injuries. The town and the country are split in their views on immigration, and violence in the streets is rampant.

Somalian Stadium re-opens after occupation
The Mogadishu Sports Stadium, located on the coast of Somalia, has finally been reopened to the public. Since 2011, the national stadium has been occupied by an Islamic militant group. Public executions combined with a ban on sports in the area turned the stadium into a grim sight. Now, after seven years, the youth of the city were invited to play soccer in the stadium, marking a joyous moment for the Somali people. Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said that he wanted to rebuild the broken-down sports complex to “contribute to the country’s sports, peace and youth integration.” Marching bands provided music for the reopening festivities, a stark juxtaposition to the horror that the stadium had come to represent.


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