Tim Miller joins RD staff

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When you walk into the office of the new Armington RD, Tim Miller, you will see several unique features. The painting above his sofa, created by his sister, portrays one of his favorite spots on Wheaton College’s campus, where he earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees. The wooden desk is also a gift and is where he wrote his whole master’s thesis. The book on his desk, “On the Incarnation” by Saint Athanasius, is a “classic that deeply imprinted [his] heart.” Next to the book is a purposefully placed star, representing the story of Christ’s birth and showing how it is a symbol of hope.
Growing up as the fourth of seven children, Miller describes himself as, “the youngest of the oldest, and the oldest of the youngest.” His childhood experience “prepared [him] well to love big community.” Today you can find Miller enjoying time with his wife Kasey, watching Parks and Recreation, cycling, or walking his Goldendoodle Athan.
Before coming to Westmont, Tim graduated from Wheaton College with an undergraduate degree in health sciences, but instead of going into physical therapy as he had originally planned, his life took an unexpected turn. After marrying Kasey, he became a Graduate Resident Advisor in a two-year program at Wheaton, where he earned his master’s in Christian Formation and Ministry with an emphasis in Student Development.
In pursuit of his undergraduate degree, Miller struggled with focusing on “what it means to succeed as a student instead of on the learning.” He noted that before going to graduate school, he had to overcome his tendency to extend grace to others but not to himself, and throughout his graduate program he learned how to “suspend self-judgement.”
Tim not only grew personally in college but also communally. Miller’s favorite part of college was the relationships he had with “all different kinds of people” from whom he was able to learn. These experiences, along with being led by his faith, contribute to his goals for the Armington community. Tim wants to create a space where all students feel they can belong and know, “they will be loved by Jesus Christ, no matter their relationship to Him.” Stating that diversity is deeply rooted in his faith journey, Tim says, “diversity is absolutely core to my transformation, your transformation, our transformation.”
Miller enjoys having intellectual conversations with students and is passionate about discussing how classroom learning can be practical for everyday life “in the mundane and the normal.” He encourages students to stop by his office because he says, “some of my best work, most meaningful work, is done in interruption.”


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