"A Star Is Born" touches on prominent themes of depression

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In the latest reenactment of the classic film “A Star Is Born”, Bradley Cooper shows off in his directorial debut, having taken on the trinity of filmmaking: writing, directing, and co-starring in his own film, along with singer/songwriter Lady Gaga. As if the workload of this was not enough, Cooper and Gaga also co-wrote the soundtrack to this musical film, collaborating with artists such as Mark Ronson and Lucas Nelson.
The film tells the tale of an off-brand romance. Cooper plays a self-degrading drunk, who happens to be an incredibly talented rock artist. Gaga plays the character of a hidden gem of a singer living what many people would consider a normal life. The two spark a romance and the ensuing story depicts the impact it has on both of their lives, while simultaneously relating their romantic relationship with that of their relationships with their individual careers. “A Star Is Born” touches on a great deal of themes, including the trials of depression and with the impact of a rise to stardom and the fame that coincides with it.
One of the most prominent themes in the tale is that of mental instability, depression, and how it impacts the lives of oneself and those around. Cooper’s superb acting skills have come a long way since that of his role in “The Hangover,” and it shows how much time and emotion he poured into this role. Cooper’s character struggles with alcohol abuse, and it impacts every aspect of his life. Gaga plays the role of a character with almost unconditional love through Cooper’s faults and mental state, but as in life, it is a struggle within himself that he must confront, and the story excels at showing the inside of someone’s head through this time.
A second major theme, and just as prominent, is the depiction of how fame impacts an individual’s life. The two characters that experience this impact firsthand are the two leads of the film, each showing the consequences at different points in a career. For Cooper, there are some very real behind-the- scenes looks at an artist’s relationship with their crew and their reason for pursuing a career in the first place. The film does a very good job at showing a more real-world depiction of an artist, aside from just that of what one could read in an article.
Another side to the impact of fame is taken on in a very modern, current feel in it’s relationship to the quick rise of Gaga’s character. It shows how incredibly powerful the music industry can be, and how much pressure a new artist can feel to conform to many of the pressures from record companies and their agendas.
“A Star Is Born” is a deep, emotional film that will tug on the emotions of all who watch it. It is unsettling at times, but it is a modern masterpiece for those seeking to view a very real story of love, fame, and the impact of becoming an icon.


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