Pianos on State Street: Celebrating Arts and Humanities month

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The month of October means a flourish of candy, spooks, Halloween, and most importantly, Arts and Humanities Month. In honor of such a glorious month, the City of Santa Barbara and numerous other partners including Santa Barbara Bowl, New Noise Festival, and Connally Piano Service have teamed up to support an amazing art project open to all artists of Santa Barbara. Brightly decorated pianos have appeared on State Street’s sidewalks. These pianos are the work of some local Santa Barbara artists that joined together to make their own uniquely decorated pianos. These pianos are completely open to the public to play. Not only that, but there are also scheduled performances for amateurs and professionals. As music fills the air, played by people who come from completely different backgrounds, this simple art project has the power to bring Santa Barbara and all who visit the area a sense of unity through music and art. This event smoothly blends together arts and humanities to produce something quite spectacular.
It’s important that local artists come together to create something amazing for the community to help with understanding the arts which is the core ideas behind this month. October has a focus to all the local artists, which reflects quite nicely with Pianos on State. Being a coast to coast movement, this event highlights the importance of the artistic culture in America. The month was created by the Americans for Art 30 years ago to honor the twentieth anniversary of the National Endowment for the arts. Pianos on State, though a local event, has spread up across the country with similar movements in Denver, Pennsylvania, and New York.
For those that are interested in participating in this event, announcements to sign up will be available sometime this summer. The Pianos on State company calls for artists all around Santa Barbara who are given a small budget of money and a piano to decorate to their heart’s content. The Pianos on State programs wants to “represent a unique collaboration that strives to provide arts exposure for all ages, enhancing the cultural vibrancy of Santa Barbara and the Downtown corridor.” The application for this year’s artists was found on the Santa Barbara Bowl website, along with images of past pianos that were created. Applications typically include three digital examples of artwork design and two digital copies of past pieces created as well as one paragraph discussing the reason behind wanting to participate. It would be a great way for the Westmont community to really go hand in hand with the larger Santa Barbara community.
This event is almost over, as it makes its curtain call on October 24, giving time for a few more moments of supporting the community and arts. For performance dates, applications, or information, please go to https://sbbowl.com/


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