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Ready for GSAC

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Normally, when you tell someone they have to endure the eight hour drive up the relentlessly boring Five Interstate, people tend to balk. Tell them the same information and then add on a multiple mile race the next day? Forget about it.

In a valiant effort to rewrite the dictionary definition of “unstoppable,” the Westmont Cross Country teams endured that bus ride and then competed in stellar form at the William Jessup Invitational, less than twenty-four hours after the long haul to the northern half of the state.

“It went really well against some tough teams,” said senior Blake Fonda. “We beat (8th Ranked) Eastern Oregon, so we’re looking for an up in the national standings.” Currently sitting at 14th in the NAIA, the men of Westmont beat 8th ranked Eastern Oregon, as well as defeating conference arch-rivals The Master’s. The men ran an excellent, tactical race, with Michael Oldach (junior, 24:32) recording another outright win (by 50 meters), Fonda dipping under 25 minutes for the first time (24:52) and Michael Conant (junior), David Peterson (senior), and Jason Peterson (freshman) finishing 33rd, 35th, and 37th - and within three seconds of each other.

The women of Westmont also had a good showing, with all five of the scoring runners finishing within a minute of one another. In addition to recording a low spread, the Warriors also have had a rotating group of runners within the top five of each race, showing the depth and determination that is in the women’s team. Casey Jensen (sophomore, 18:40) returned to form to finish first for Westmont, with Bethany Bodine (freshman, 18:56), Dominique Delgado (senior), Grace Hanna (sophomore) and Amanda Colacchia (junior) rounding out the top five.

The William Jessup Invitational was the final regular-season race for the Westmont Cross Country teams. Up next for the Warriors is the GSAC Conference Championship race, which takes place on Nov. 3 at 8:30 a.m. in Santa Clarita. The Master’s University, longtime racing rivals, will be hosting the meet, as Westmont seeks to secure a conference title over the 8-time defending champions that are The Master’s. The race is sure going to be an exciting one.


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