California governor race heats up with debate

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In the most recent polls for the California governor’s race, Democrat and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom holds a sizeable lead over Republican John Cox after debate. A USC/LA Times poll has Newsom ahead with 54% of the votes, while Cox is at 31% and 15% left undecided. Almost every poll around the state has Newsom with a healthy lead, which would make him the second consecutive Democratic Governor in California after Governor Jerry Brown leaves office. These results do not come as too much of a surprise, as Newsom’s fundraising has left Cox in the dust. The most recent numbers have Newsom with $16.2 million, as opposed to $1.7 million for Cox. According to campaign finance reports, the Democrat has received large donations from many California Native American tribes, who hope negotiate new casino contracts with Newsom if he is elected. Cox was asked by LA Times about these donations and was unfazed, saying that Newsom is just taking money from “special interests.” Another reason for the considerable lead for the Democrat is the disparity in voter turnout in the state. According to Tom Hogen-Esch, professor of political science at Cal State Northridge, the Republican party is now the third largest group of voters in California, behind Democrats and Independents--most of whom are leaning left. Cox has been able to narrow the gap between him and his opponent, but pundits are unsure if he can make up all the ground, as the Nov. 6 general election is coming up quick.

The two candidates for the governor’s seat had their only one-on-one debate earlier in the month, where they discussed a variety of topics they felt were important to the California voters. The two discussed sanctuary cities, which Newsom supports and Cox opposes. The Democrat explained that we need to help the less fortunate and support them, and the Republican wants to ensure the safety of the American people and require all immigrants to arrive legally. On the topic of the gas tax, Cox holds strong objections, while Newsom is in favor of the tax. Similarly, Newsom is on-board with turning California into a zero-carbon emissions state, while Cox was hesitant. Lastly, they touched on gun control in California: Newsom sees a need for stricter gun control, and Cox rejects the need for stricter laws. The Democrat brought up Cox’s lifetime NRA membership, while the Republican stated he wants to end of the publication of names of perpetrators of gun crimes, as well as keep guns out of the hands of the criminals and mentally ill. Both agreed that the price of housing needs to be made more affordable for all Californians. When asked about the wealth gap in our state, the two once again agreed and spoke about how the gap is far too wide; they agreed that California shouldn’t be the richest state and the poorest state at the same time. Newsom’s message has centered around how he feels Cox stands too close to President Trump and his policies, and Cox’s message has been aimed at accusing Newsom of failing to serve the Californian people as the mayor of San Francisco for years, and will continue to do so if elected.


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