Patagonia hosts 5k run, proceeds go to Thomas Fire relief

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Patagonia donated funds raised at its 25th annual Salmon 5k run to the Thomas Fire Trail Fund. The event was held at the Patagonia headquarters in Ventura, CA on Sunday, October 21st. The run is a benefit event aimed at raising money to donate to various environmental groups working in the Santa Barbara County region and has a history of raising over $150,000 for their donation recipients.

Patagonia Inc. has emphasized stewardship of the environment by encouraging its employees to participate in various forms of environmental activism, and this run is one of many ways that they enact this portion of their mission. The Thomas Fire Trail Fund organization seeks to gradually restore some of the trails in the Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Barbara areas that were lost to the Thomas Fire. So far, the project has raised $50,000, but is working hard to reach their goal of $1,000,000. Collaborators of the project included groups like the Los Padres Forest Association, The Crew, and the Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers. These groups represent a wide range of the region’s population that is interested in the mission of the Trail fund. For example, The Crew is a nonprofit youth employment and leadership program that seeks to educate people from the ages of 14 to 23 about the maintenance of wildlife. Under the guidance and support of the various governmental bodies, the project has already been able to restore parts of Montecito trails like the Romero and Cold Spring trails.

Westmont student Annie West had the opportunity to run in the race. When asked about the overall energy and atmosphere of the race, West states, “there was definitely a lot of families with their children, but also lots middle aged people,” adding to high energy and excitement towards the race and its mission. Registration for the run was surprisingly full, with a total of 500 people eager to run. West also points out that there were various environmental groups that came to the event with hopes of educating and recruiting volunteers for plastic waste reduction or Channel Island conservation. Overall, she expressed that it was a great experience and awesome to know that the run was for a greater cause.
The collaboration between the Patagonia Salmon 5k and the Thomas Fire Trail Fund has generated the monetary funds needed to enact the mission of the fund.


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