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Editor's Pick Food Critique: Sachi Ramen and Robata Bar

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With the hope of cold weather coming soon, that means finding the best food places possible to warm up. Sachi Ramen and Robata Bar is one of the places to go for aromatic and flavorful ramen. The ramen is reasonably priced for the large amount that is served, leaving plenty of ramen for leftovers. Each ramen bowl is served with green onion toppings, pickle bamboo shoot, mushrooms, and a seasoned egg depending on the ramen. However, a seasoned egg and extra meat can be added for a small charge.
The Miso Ramen Chashu is a pork broth base with pork chashu and a seasoned egg. Chile flakes added to the ramen enhanced the flavors of the broth. Tonkotsu Ramen is also a pork-broth-based ramen that is served with pork loin, a seasoned egg, and nori. The pork loin was tender and had added flavoring from sitting in the broth with the other ingredients. Flavoring from the seasoned egg made the dish tastier. Both ramen dishes were equally tasty and warmed the body to comfort.
Other dishes are also offered by Sachi, such as udon, rice bowls, premium rolls, tempura, and robata. Sachi also serves simple appetizers, such as edamame, shrimp or pork gyoza, potato shrimp, takoyaki, spicy miso wings, and shishito peppers. In their tempura options, the calamari was acceptable. The meat was chewy and took some time to eat one piece. However, each piece was fried crispy and lightly covered in sesame sauce.
On their menu, Sachi has a section of Japanese ramen facts. One of the facts that they include is, “Almost every ramen shop has their own unique recipe, with varying broths, meats, toppings, and noodles. Even when the same ingredients are used, the taste and the textures almost always vary from shop to shop.” Sachi refers to the noodles they use as each ramen dish noodles are cooked with “kansui,” which Sachi describes as a “mineral water that gives the noodles a high alkalinity.” Kansui shows through the noodle’s chewiness, taste, and color. The kansui must be higher in the Miso Ramen Chashu than the Tonkotsu Ramen, as the Miso noodles are darker in coloring.
It’s curious to know how Sachi compares to other ramen shops around the Santa Barbara area. The only way to tell is to put the taste buds to the test to determine which ramen shop is better. However, Sachi Ramen and Robata Bar is at the top of the list of the best ramen shops in town.


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