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Artist of the Week: Bianca Moser

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Senior art major Bianca Moser specializes in a unique style of art: Concept Art. What is concept art? Moser describes it as “the first step of the creative process for a movie or a video’s building the basics.” Her hometown of Boulder, Colorado already recognizes her skill: “What I’m most proud of is the work I have up in my hometown on the Main Street.” Moser’s installation is a composition of four panels depicting mountains going down into a river.
Though her currently displayed work is large-scale, Moser’s true passion lies in character sketches, which she has loved since she was a child. “I’ve always been interested in drawing people. From there it became drawing characters from books that I enjoy. A lot of people draw when they’re young, I just didn’t stop drawing!”
It hasn’t always been simple for Moser to pursue her dream, however. In junior year of high school, she questioned her path “I kind of had a crisis. Should I do something responsible? Usually for me, the responsible thing is the better thing to do. I was thinking engineering, because math was interesting... but I always loved art. So I thought, should I do what is guaranteed to get a job or should I follow my passion?” Moser cites her mother as the person who encouraged her to pursue art. “I talked about it with my parents, and my mom told me ‘Go with your passion!’”
Moser hasn’t spent much time at Westmont, transferring in last year, but she knew the moment she stepped on campus that Westmont was where she wanted to finish her undergraduate experience. She’s taken every opportunity to challenge herself in her classes, commenting, “every time I take a class I get a little bit better.” Moser especially notes her Digital Painting class as one which tested her skill. Though unfamiliar with digital art, Moser leaned in to the rigorous regimen of assigned and ultimately honed her digital art abilities, saying “I learned a lot, and I was surprised by how much it feels like drawing on paper even though it’s on a computer.”
The best is still to come for Moser. She’s especially excited about her senior project, which will be an exploration into character design and relationships. “I’m focusing on my friend group. I made a little chart, with different fantasy races, hair color, eye color, skin color, professions… and I had each of my friends roll dice to get random characteristics. That’s how I bring concept art into it while bringing my friends into it, because it’s a friendship-focused piece!” The intricacies and messages of her piece are sure to be extraordinary. “I’ve always been interested in friendships and how they are formed, how group dynamics work. [The characters] will be layered on top of each other because of the complexity and fluidity of friendship.”
Ultimately, Moser just wants her project to make people happy. That’s what she loves about art: “The most joy I get out of art is sharing it with people and bringing them joy. That’s why I’m incorporating my friends, because it immediately draws them in. They’re the stars of the piece! I like being able to do that for people.” Bianca Moser fully plans on turning her passion for bringing joy into a career. “If you have to work, you may as well do something that you love!”


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