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After asbestos removal, residents of Armington D and E return home

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After roughly seven weeks of displacement, Armington D and E residents scattered amongst residence halls around campus, are returning to their dorms. The Residence Life team is delighted to welcome them back after the conclusion of the asbestos abatement process.

On Saturday and Sunday, a group of Westmont volunteers comprised of students, faculty, and staff rallied around Armington students to aid in the moving back. An abundance of volunteers turned out over the weekend, including Westmont students that participated in the Residence Life-sponsored volunteer sign-up, friends, classmates, family members, WSCA leaders like Armington Senator Jared Huff, members of the Westmont Rugby team, and even Residence Life staff from Pepperdine University. Volunteers were provided with donuts and drinks as they spread out across campus on foot, by truck, and in golf carts to reach dispersed Armington students.

Of the approximately 83 students that moved out from Armington, about 90% are choosing to move back to their original dorm. The students who have chosen to stay in the dorms to which they’ve been relocated have said it is due to the difficult back-and-forth nature of the moves or because of a fondness for their new rooming situation. Noah Argao, a displaced sophomore, said he “lucked out” on his new room assignment, since him and his roommate remained together and ended up in a bigger room. “We’ve enjoyed it so much [in Page] we decided to stay,” he said.

Residence Life has been working hard through this transition process to warmly re-welcome Armington D and E students as they settle back in. In preparation to receive their students back, resident assistants created and hung banners, painted messages on windows, drew chalk signs, and hung lights to create a festive atmosphere. Students were also gifted with homemade welcome bags upon move in. On Sunday evening, Armington Residence Life hosted a celebratory ‘homecoming’ barbecue, partially funded by WCSA, as a grand finale to the move-in weekend. Jared Huff commented on how “awesome” having “the family back together” will be for Armington.

As would be expected, the transition hasn’t been easy for students. One student returning to Armington expressed understanding for the precautions taken by Westmont and Student Life, but suggested that displaced Armington residents should receive preference for housing next year, considering the inconvenience they’ve faced. “We just buy trash bags for our stuff from Vons now,” he said, discussing the multiple occasion they’ve had to pack and repack.

While some students, like Argao, ended up in more spacious or more comfortable living situations (i.e. air conditioning in the GLC), other students were relocated to less desirable situations. Some students were living in dorm lounges temporarily converted into living areas or moved in with one or two roommates when previously living in a single.

“Breaking up continuity can be tough,” sympathized Armington Resident Director Tim Miller. Residence Life is excited to celebrate the conclusion of the abatement process and Armington residents return.


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